Catholic Priest Who Said It’s a Sin to Vote for Obama Bans Girls from Acting as Altar Servers

Somehow, a Catholic priest found a way to treat women even worse than the Church already does:

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To Fight Extremism, Should Muslims in French Prisons Receive More State-Sponsored Religious Services?

Farhad Khosrokhavar, a French-Iranian sociologist and author who is an expert on Muslim radicalization, has long scrutinized the role that French prisons play in breeding extremism.

In a piece in the New York Times, he says he believes that while Muslims in France comprise just seven to ten percent of the French population, half of French prisoners are Muslims. He isn’t quite sure, because

laïcité, France’s strict form of secularism, prohibits officially asking and collecting data about people’s religious preferences. These estimates are based on research I conducted in French prisons in 2000-3 and again in 2011-3, when I interviewed some 160 inmates.

That’s a relatively tiny sample, but if Khosrokhavar’s extrapolation is remotely true, that’s a pretty shocking state of affairs.

And Khosrokhavar (pictured below) is just getting started. Imprisoned Muslims believe — sometimes falsely, often not, says the sociologist — that they’re being treated unjustly overall. An inmate of Algerian origin complained

“If I try to take my prayer carpet to the courtyard, they prohibit it. If I grow a beard, the guards call me Bin Laden, smiling and mocking me. They hate Islam. But Islam can take revenge!

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Bryan Fischer Highlights Demonic Energy of LGBT Activists, Snubbing Atheists Along the Way

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer has made a career of saying horrible, offensive, and insane things, but this time he’s gone too far.

It’s by no means unusual for him to express contempt for atheists and our rights (Fischer has postulated everything from taxes on “atheists who don’t go to church” to barring atheists from the military), nor is it unusual for him to link people and groups to Satan and demons (from the Yazidis to Muslims to LGBT activists).

You might think there are no lines left for Fischer to cross, but during Monday’s broadcast of his show, he found, and crossed, one:

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At a Recent “Psychic” Demonstration by John Edward, Skeptics Were Waiting with Educational Signs

A few nights ago, television “psychic” John Edward — better known as the Crossing Over guy — did a small show for an audience in Los Angeles.

And outside the theater were peaceful protesters ready to educate the audience about the scam they were about to witness (and waste money on):

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South Dakota Legislators Propose Bill That Would Allow Teaching of Creationism in Public Schools

In a bill that’s very similar to one proposed by Indiana legislators last week, South Dakota’s Senate Bill 114 would allow Creationism and climate change-denial to make their way into public school classrooms.

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