Are Republicans Unfairly Pegged as Anti-Science? (Mostly No)

Are Republicans being unfairly maligned as the anti-science party? The easy answer to that is, “don’t be ridiculous, and what right-wing industry lobby is funding that question?” But to Mischa Fisher, a former House GOP science policy staffer who described himself as “a politically centrist atheist,” the answer is yes, and the stereotype is harming science generally.

In a piece in The Atlantic, Fisher argues that Democrats are, more or less, just as prone to anti-scientific thinking as Republicans, but on different subjects, and that Republicans aren’t nearly as backward on science acceptance as their more extreme clown-characters like Paul Broun and Michele Bachmann would make them seem to be.

At the outset, let me just say I agree with where Fisher is going with his argument, but its presentation is flawed.

First, the problems.

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A Christian Explanation for Why Living Together Before Marriage is the Worst Idea You’ve Ever Had

Earlier this week, we discussed 27-year-old tattooed rebel Matt Walsh and his terrible, harmful views on sex.

The gist of Walsh’s post was that if you have sex with someone before you get married, you’re pretty much the worst, your future spouse will hate you, and all you’ll have left to look forward to is a long, horrible life of empty, second-hand banging.

Now, I know Walsh isn’t the only religious fella obsessed with virginity. In fact, it’s a pretty solid theme across most major religions. So imagine my lack of surprise when this came across my desk:

5 Reasons Shacking Up Before Marriage Is a Bad Idea

Now, as a current shacker-upper myself, I was pretty excited to hear what promised to be five super-solid reasons I should move out of my lovely apartment in Chicago since it’s been tainted with the pre-marital-living-together-ness of my boyfriend and me.

So, let’s start with #1 and work our way down, shall we?

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This Must Be Justin Lookadoo’s Twitter Feed

(In response to this post)

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Texas High School Holds Assembly Featuring Misogynistic Christian Speaker, So Students Complain on Twitter

What were administrators at Richardson High School thinking?

Yesterday, the Dallas, Texas-based school brought in motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo to speak to the students. His topic? Well, let’s just say his website reminds us that he’s a self-proclaimed expert in telling girls and boys how to become “dateable”… which really means being straight, Christian, and just like him:

So how do we become more dateable?

Check out some of his advice for girls:

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After San Diego Museum Council Denies Membership to Creation Museum, Its President Invokes Civil Rights Movement

The San Diego Museum Council is a coalition of local museums that work together to “increase awareness of and attendance at the diverse museums in the region.” The coalition includes the likes of the La Jolla Historical Society, Lux Art Institute, and the San Diego Air and Space.

And they were thisclose to bringing the Museum of Creation and Earth — a pro-Creationism “museum” — into the mix.

There are so many problems with this story:

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