Sen. Marco Rubio Says His Greatest Aspiration is Living for Eternity with His Imaginary Friend

Reader Justin Scott, an Iowan who takes his politics seriously, has been going to meet-and-greets with a number of candidates to ask why atheists should consider supporting them.

Yesterday, he went to a rally for Sen. Marco Rubio rally and asked him why atheists ought to vote for him, especially when he’s putting out Jesus-loving ads like this one.

Rubio’s response?

He dodged the question, making the case that atheists have the right to believe whatever they want, but Rubio will share his faith as he sees fit:


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In Italy, Religious Objections to Abortion Are Preventing Women from Having Them

In the United States, there is a wide range of federal and state laws that exempt healthcare providers from offering reproductive care — everything from contraception to sterilization — based on the provider’s religious beliefs.

The reason for these laws, ostensibly, is to protect the conscience of the provider. And women need not worry since they can just find other providers, right? Of course, as we’re already seeing, that’s becoming more and more difficult as more restrictions are applied to reproductive care. Like in Mississippi, where abortion is so heavily restricted that only a single clinic remains open in the state, and even that one’s in trouble of being closed.


Restricting women’s health care is the method-of-choice in certain parts of our country, but that’s not the only way to prevent women from accessing those services. In Italy, a country that allows first trimester abortions, it can still be very hard to obtain one.

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This is Why God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers

DarkMatters2525 shows us how, if God actually answered your prayers, it would ruin his entire Master Plan:


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God’s Memory Aid Isn’t Very Helpful, Is It?

God is all-powerful and all-knowing… but His memory is just awful.

In a comic at It’s the Tie, He explains to His assistant how pillows help remind Him of all the important things on His agenda.


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Supreme Court to Decide if Churches Are Eligible for State Grants to Renovate Their Property

On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a church/state case that could poke a large hole in the wall of separation between them.

It involves the Trinity Church of Columbia (Missouri). The church runs a Christian preschool and they wanted to renovate the playground. As it turns out, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has a special program offering money for just that reason. So the church applied for a grant in 2012.

There were 44 applicants that year, but the state only had cash to fund 14 of them and the church didn’t make the cut. Even though reports later came out that they ranked 5th out of the 44 applicants.


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