Two Things I Love

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and The Onion. They’ll join forces this Saturday when The Onion‘s editor-in-chief Scott Dikkers is interviewed by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor on FFRF’s radio show. The podcast will be available later in the weekend. Speaking of Dan Barker, the co-president of FFRF will be in Chicago tomorrow (Sunday) [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins on Real Time with Bill Maher

In case you missed the show tonight, Richard Dawkins was interviewed on Real Time with Bill Maher. Norm at onegoodmove has the clip. ***UPDATE***: And now, so does the Youtube: Definitely fun to watch. Does anyone know if there is any truth to the Francis-Collins-believes-in-the-Talking-Snake statement? [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Stuff Christians Like

Taking a page (umm… rather, the whole book) from the hugely-popular Stuff White People Like, we now have Stuff Christians Like. And what do they like…? #140. Telling the pastor what his kids have been up to. #129. Chick-fil-A #97. Getting angry that Ned Flanders slept with that girl. #67. Editing Pop Culture. #53. Saying [Read More...]

The Monique Davis Story Hasn’t Gone Away Just Yet…

First, there was the verbal attack by Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis, and a week later, there was the apology. Initially, I thought the story would end there and that the apology was the final chapter, but upon reading several comments and postings stating how the apology was weak/not enough at best and insincere at [Read More...]

That is One Awesome Church Hymn

I didn’t know churches sang songs like this. I’m inspired! Anyone else ready to go back to the pews this Sunday? (Thanks to Cailin for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #23: Ice Cream Flavors

Last week, I ran this contest: If religions were flavors of ice cream, what flavors would they be and why…? Here are the Top 5 responses (with submitters)! 5| Jehovah’s Almond Fudge because its flavor is just heavenly and more than a little nutty. (Laurie Soule) 4| I just envision someone with a picket sign [Read More...]

The Big Bang

Why have none of you pointed this out to me before? In Simon Singh‘s fantastic book, Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe, he writes this about the background of theoretical physicist and cosmologist George Gamow: Having attended Communion at the local Russian Orthodox church, he dashed home with a piece of bread and a [Read More...]

Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis Apologizes to Rob Sherman

Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis never should have made her incendiary comments against atheists in the first place, but yesterday, she called Rob Sherman and apologized for her remarks. Says Sherman on his website: Yesterday, State Representative Monique Davis (D-Chicago) called me from the Floor of the Illinois House of Representatives to apologize for what [Read More...]

Freethought Group at a National Park

I received this story from Terrence Jackson and (with his permission) wanted to share it with everyone. Terrence lives and works in Yellowstone National Park and has started a freethought group on the site. How does that happen? Can national parks even have religious/non-religious groups? He answers those questions in the story: I live and [Read More...]

Why is Public Funding Going to a Muslim School?

Charter schools, like public schools, receive government money and must therefore stay out of the religion debate. That is to say there should be no proselytizing in the classroom one way or the other. The schools must remain secular. Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA) is a K-8 charter school in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. There’s [Read More...]

It’s a Miracle!

He lost an arm and then grew a brand new one! My atheism. It’s crumbling right in front of me… [tags]atheist, atheism, The Onion[/tags] [Read more...]

Ironic Ad on Snopes

I was on earlier today checking out a random column about humorous Dear Abby columns (you know you want to read it). As I read it, an ad on the page (near the bottom of the image) made me do a double-take: How ironic (and sad) that, on a website that represents finding the [Read More...]

The Next Chicago Skeptic Party!

The next Chicagoland party will take place on Saturday night, April 26th at 7:30 p.m. Brought to you by Elyse at Skepchick: Galway Arms 2442 N Clark St Chicago, IL … Last month we had such a blast at Whiskey Road, I promised we would do this again (without the humiliating video games)! And now [Read More...]

Update on Atheist-Hating Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis

***UPDATE***: Video is below. Illinois State Rep. Monique Davis recently said to atheist Rob Sherman: “It’s dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy (atheism) exists!” The audio of the exchange was picked up and circulated, and the story (which was brought to the public’s eye by Chicago Tribune reporter Eric Zorn) has [Read More...]