Malcolm Gladwell Say We Should Take Action When There is Ample Evidence of Harm… but Gives Religious Thinking a Pass

Popular author/journalist Malcolm Gladwell recently gave a talk at the University of Pennsylvania about “proof” — specifically, “How much proof do we need about the harmfulness of something before we act?” So he talks about, among other things, why we continue to play football when the evidence for players developing life-long head injuries/brain trauma is overwhelming.

At the end of his talk, during Q & A, someone asked Gladwell how his talk applies to the nature of God… (47:05) [Read more...]

Gay Mormon Comes Out of the Closet… and Gets It All on Tape

If you’re gay and come from a Mormon family, what better way to come out than by telling those closest to you and capturing their reactions on film?

That’s what BYU student Jimmy Hales did: [Read more...]

New Jersey Pastafarian Told He Can’t Wear a Strainer on his Head When Taking a Drivers License Picture

A couple of years ago, Austrian Niko Alm won the right to wear a colander, the official headwear for Pastafarians, in his driver’s license picture:

Looks like 25-year-old Aaron Williams tried to do something similar in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago: [Read more...]

Special Ed Teacher Who Said Gays Have No ‘Purpose’ is Suspended

An Indiana teacher has been suspended after making homophobic remarks, and though the school district hasn’t formally identified the teacher, we can all guess who it is. [Read more...]

Christian Bigot Freaks Out About Gay Marriage Becoming Legal in Illinois

What will happen if/when gay marriage becomes legal in Illinois?

Correct answer: Gays will be able to get married.

Wrong answer: The institution of marriage and all of civilization will be destroyed. At least, that’s what homophobic Peter LaBarbera thinks will happen (emphasis his): [Read more...]