A Teacher Printed Out an Old Version of the Pledge for Her Students So, Naturally, Todd Starnes is Furious

An elementary school teacher in South Carolina was leading her class in recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. But they’re kids. They don’t know all the words yet. So she decided to help them out by printing the words/lyrics for them.

Can you see the problem with this? Because one student’s mother sure as hell did, and she told Fox News’ Todd Starnes:

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A Simple and Beautiful Animation of How Life Began

I don’t know if I can trust this video from New Scientist because it doesn’t mention Jesus.

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Funerals for the Non-Religious

With the number of non-religious people on the rise, that inevitably means more non-religious people who die as well. So what happens when it comes time for the funeral and the families don’t want a religious ceremony?

Emma Green takes a look at funeral rites for the non-religious in The Atlantic:

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Pastor Steven Anderson: “Robin Williams is Burning in Hell” Because He Didn’t Follow Christ

Earlier today, Hannah wrote about how some Christians seem more concerned about whether Robin Williams accepted Jesus into his heart than any of the other serious issues surrounding his death.

Not all of those Christians are considered extremists by mainstream standards. But when some sound like a very clear fundamentalist, Pastor Steven Anderson, you know there’s a problem. Anderson doesn’t need to speculate about Williams’ beliefs — he already knows:

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Respectable Theory or “Pathologizing Belief”? Russian Scientists Posit That Microbes Spread Religiosity

It should come as no surprise that certain sacred religious practices are remarkably unhygienic. Holy water in church fonts tends to be rife with fecal bacteria. Believers who ritually kiss the same holy stone or other religious artifacts no doubt end up sharing microbes. Millions take ritual baths in filthy lakes and waterways in which human waste and dead bodies float conspicuously on the surface. And closer to home, well, are you sure that Father Murphy washed his hands before pinching a series of eucharists between his fleshy fingers and putting the Jesus crackers, and maybe those digits, on one wet tongue after another?

Could habits like these have anything to do with the spread of religiosity itself? Are some microbes essentially carriers and distributors of faith?

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