Rabbi Gets Kicked Out of Arizona City Council Meeting After Protesting Christian Prayers

For some reason, the Chino Valley City Council in Arizona used to begin meetings with invocations delivered by elected officials (which the law doesn’t permit). So for a couple of weeks, while they decided on a legal alternative, the council members promised to skip the invocation during meetings.

That was what Rabbi Adele Plotkin needed to hear. She had no desire to listen to Christian prayers at government meetings.

But earlier this week, when she went to the meeting, she learned that Mayor Chris Marley (who is also a local pastor) would indeed be delivering a prayer, going back on his word. After he finished by invoking the name of Jesus, she protested what he said, and was soon led out of the chambers by a police officer:


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A Simple BS Detector Test

Maddox, who knows a lot more than the rest of us, explains how we can tell if what we believe is nonsense:


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FFRF Reminds Illinois High Schools That Coaches May Not Pray with Students

The boys’ basketball team at Pana High School in Illinois apparently prays with coaches after every game. And we know this because they post images of it on Facebook:


The Freedom From Religion Foundation has now written to the Pana School District, along with a couple of other small Illinois schools, reminding them that the law forbids coaches to lead or participate in school-sponsored prayers:

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“In God We Trust” Resolution Falls Flat with Cherokee Tribal Council

Rick Lanier is a Christian who’s been pretty successful at convincing local government officials to put up the words “In God We Trust” in their buildings and chambers. He says he wants to put up the country’s motto, though he really wants to promote his faith through government, even if symbolically. Everyone usually falls for [Read More…]

Church Leader Anoints Congregation with the Hammer of Thor

Maybe some of you with Christian backgrounds can explain this one to me: What biblical passage says you can bless people using the Hammer of Thor?

Because that’s what Apostle Royree Jensen seems to be doing in this video posted on her ministry’s Facebook page:


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