Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 68: Neil Carter, Writer at Godless in Dixie

Our latest podcast guest is Neil Carter, a blogger at Godless in Dixie, where he writes about being an atheist in the Deep South. He’s a teacher, a personal trainer, and a father.

I spoke with Neil about what it’s like being non-religious in Mississippi, the “evandelism” that followed his coming out, and the importance of having someone to talk to when you have religious doubts.

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After Removing Biblical Posts on Jonesboro’s 911 Facebook Page, Mayor Rethinks His Decision

Last month, the Facebook page for Jonesboro (Arkansas) 911 posted several items promoting Christianity:

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Once Again, a Naked Devil Statue Appears in Vancouver

Nearly a year ago, a mysterious naked (and apparently very happy to see you) statue of Satan appeared atop a pedestal in Vancouver.

It was later removed by city officials.

This week, a pregnant naked female devil appeared in the same city:

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Swiss Bishop Apologizes for Anti-Gay Comments After LGBT Rights Group Files Suit

After stirring a major controversy in Switzerland (and drawing upon himself the infernal wrath of the European LGBT community), a homophobic Swiss bishop has decided that gays may not risk eternal damnation after all.

It took more than two weeks for Vitus Huonder, the Bishop of Chur (Switzerland), to come to his senses and issue a not-so-heartfelt apology.

But don’t give the man too much credit just yet. His mea culpa feels as moving as reading the back of a cereal box.

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Why Did This Mother Convert from Sikhism to Christianity?

True story: My mom is planning a baby shower for my wife, and it may involve a Hindu priest.

I don’t actually care — if she wants to handle the bulk of the planning, we can have it at a local Scientology center for all I care — but it is a little strange since our family was never Hindu to begin with. For my mom, the principle seems to be that any religion will do, and Hinduism overlaps enough with Jainism that no attendees will care. (This is the same mother who believes in a capital-G God even though Jainism doesn’t teach that one exists.)

So I completely get where Nirpal Dhaliwal is coming from in an essay he wrote for The Guardian. He talks about his Sikh mother who really wasn’t well-versed in theology:

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