Marco Rubio is Now Using His Conversation with an Atheist to Raise Money for His Campaign

A few days ago, reader Justin Scott, an Iowan who has been spending a lot of time asking Presidential candidates what they’d do to protect the rights of atheists and separation of church and state, asked Sen. Marco Rubio a question: Why should atheists vote for him, especially when he’s putting out Jesus-loving ads like this one?

Rubio gave a response that doubled-down on his faith, saying only that atheists had a right to believe what they wanted. As if that were ever in doubt.


Anyway, Rubio sent out an email to his supporters this morning linking them to video of that exchange… and asking for more donations. Because Je$u$.

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Don’t Believe the Headlines; 10% of College Grads Don’t Think Judge Judy is a Supreme Court Justice

A lot of prominent websites recently reported on a survey that revealed a crisis in civic education.

The headlines were all variations on this: “10% of college graduates believe Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court!”

That’s disturbing… but it’s not exactly true.


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Donald Trump Acknowledges Bible Verse Blunder, Then Blames it on Christian Right Leader

During his visit to Liberty University this week, Donald Trump reached out to the evangelical crowd by bungling a Bible verse. Instead of referring to the verse as coming from “Second Corinthians,” as its commonly pronounced, Trump actually said the number 2. And got mocked like hell for it by the media.


Yesterday, Trump went on the defensive, blaming Christian Right leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council for leading him astray:

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In Ireland, Non-Catholics Are Demanding Equal Access to Public Schools

There’s a serious problem in Ireland right now where the law permits freedom of religion, as you’d expect, but it also says schools can give preferential treatment to students of particular religions.

The dilemma comes into focus when you realize that 97% of state-sponsored primary schools are Catholic in nature.


The New York TimesDouglas Dalby reports on the growing backlash against state-sponsored schools that reject students who haven’t been baptized:

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Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump’s Bible Verse Bungle

Stephen Colbert went after Donald Trump and his faux-faith last night, mocking his Bible verse bungle at Liberty University (and plenty of other things, too):


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