An Atheist’s Guide to the Book of Leviticus

Maybe you’ve always wanted to read the Bible, except it’s really long and not very interesting, and you’d just prefer the abridged atheist version.

That’s what C. B. Brooks MD has created with The Nonbeliever’s Guide to Bible Stories (Pitchstone Publishing, 2015):

In the excerpt below, Brooks gives us a taste of the Book of Leviticus:

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Christian Pastor: A Woman Doesn’t Have a “Right Over Her Own Body” Because God Owns It

Yesterday, at Arkansas’ Cross Church, Pastor Jeff Crawford explained how women don’t control their own bodies because God owns them:

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Ministry Leader Says “Atheist Gestapo” is Ending Christianity in Sports

Think about how atheist groups respond to Christian proselytizing on high school and college sports teams. In general, we send letters warning teams why this is a problem at secular schools and remind them they must keep everything religiously neutral.

That’s it. We don’t say “you must promote atheism.” We don’t say you can’t proselytize off the field. But when coaches are on the clock, they shouldn’t be preaching or using the opportunity to promote their faith.

According to Steve McConkey, the President of the Christian sports ministry 4 WINDS, that makes us the “Atheist Gestapo.”

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Dr. Ben Carson Tells Church Audience That His Evolution Denial Hasn’t Hindered His Success

Yesterday, while speaking at Cornerstone Church in Tennessee, Dr. Ben Carson admitted (once again) to being a Creationist and how that never stopped him from being successful, as if ignorance were some badge of honor (41:00 mark):

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If GodĀ Helps Both Teams in a Football Game, Who Does He Love More?

Finally, football analysis that judges players based on the religiosity of their post-touchdown celebrations!

But that commentary takes a detour when one analyst points out that God seems to be favoring both teams in the game…

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