Anglican Communion Punishes Episcopal Church for Accepting Marriage Equality

Last July, the Episcopal General Convention finally decided to allow same-sex marriage within the Church. The decision came a decade after Episcopalians welcomed openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson.


To outsiders, it wasn’t exactly a big deal. It was welcome, sure, but it was followed by pity applause rather than a standing ovation. Given that the Supreme Court, the Democratic Party, a handful of Republicans, and the majority of the American public already accepted marriage equality, Episcopalians were late to the party, not leading the way forward.

Episcopal leaders were like stragglers crossing the finish line of a marathon at the eight-hour mark. They did it and they certainly deserved credit for that — it was a huge personal accomplishment, after all — but the crowds had dissipated and everyone else was out celebrating without them. The only thing they really deserved credit for was entering and finishing the race, something evangelical Christians and Catholics never even bothered to do.

And it wasn’t even a full acceptance of gay marriage since priests were permitted to say no to officiating same-sex ceremonies.

For their tepid endorsement of marriage equality, though, they have been officially punished by the Anglican Communion to which they belong:

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What Should Atheists Do With Their Bodies After They Die?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses what atheists should do with their bodies after they die (or, um, have done to their bodies):


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GOP Lawmaker: Obama Can’t Cite Bible Since Conservatives “Own the Entire Tradition” of Christianity

Republicans can’t seem to figure out just how Christian President Obama should be.

When he doesn’t talk about his faith, they call him un-American or a secret Muslim. When he does, as he did when talking about the need for compassion for Syrian refugees coming into the country, he’s going too far.

Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) — better known as the guy who dethroned Eric Cantor in a Republican primary — told talk show host Sandy Rios that Obama had no right using Christian imagery because conservatives “own the entire tradition.”


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21-Year-Old Irish Woman Faces Life in Prison for Taking Abortion Medication

A 21-year-old woman from Northern Ireland, whose name is being withheld for legal reasons, has been charged with procuring and using the abortion drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol — and could face life in prison for doing so.


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Poll Finds That 0.0% of Young Icelanders Believe God Created the Universe Out of Nothing

We already knew the majority of people of Iceland support church/state separation. And we knew some of them even joined an ancient religion just so their tax money wouldn’t go to any established church. And we know young people are generally less religious than the general population.

But who knew the numbers were so skewed?

While less than half the country is religious, a poll commissioned by SiĆ°mennt (the Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association) found that 0.0% — not a typo — of people under the age of 25 believe God created the universe, with a whopping 93.9% of that age group saying they accepted the Big Bang theory.


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