Bryan Fischer: Methuselah Lived to 969 Because He Was Protected by a “Vapor Canopy”

While there are many parts of the Bible that make people question its legitimacy, the age of Methuselah is a fairly simple one.

How the hell did someone live to the ripe old age of 969?

Don’t worry. Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer has a perfectly logical explanation.

It involves a vapor cloud and radiation and genetics. You know, science.


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Wisconsin Now Allows Pastafarians to Wear Colanders in Their Driver’s License Photos

When Michael Schumacher went to a DMV office in Wisconsin to get his driver’s license renewed, he wanted to wear a strainer on his head to honor the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


They told him no… so he got a lawyer involved.

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Mississippi Legislator Introduces Bill to Allow Creationism in Public School Science Classes

Mississippi State Rep. Mark Formby just introduced legislation that would make students even more confused about science than they already are.


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Gay Republicans Release Ad Tearing Down Hillary Clinton, as if the GOP is Better on LGBT Issues

If you care about LGBT rights, then asking what political party you support should be a pointless exercise. Of course you support Democrats. They’re not perfect, and they took their damn time getting to that point, but most prominent Democrats now accept LGBT equality and embrace anti-discrimination policies.

Which makes you wonder: What the hell is up with Log Cabin Republicans? Why do they bother supporting Republicans who want nothing to do with them and want to make their lives that much more difficult?

The GOP-supporting LGBT group recently released an ad recently denouncing Hillary Clinton for not “evolving” on the gay rights issue until it was politically expedient for her to do so:


They’re not wrong. Clinton didn’t get on the right side of this issue until recently. Neither did President Obama. Bernie Sanders has historically been much better on the issue. But they’re all in the same, right place now.

Which makes you wonder: What the hell do the Log Cabin Republicans want? The video urges voters to dismiss Clinton… as if we should vote for a Republican instead? Are you kidding me?!

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Why Do So Many Smart People Believe in So Many Ridiculous Things?

We know intelligent people believe in God… but why? How do smart people end up accepting so many forms of irrational dogma?

DarkMatters2525 shows us how these bad ideas can propagate:


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