Deviating from Tradition, Spain’s New King is Coronated in a Secular Ceremony

You may have heard by now that Spain’s King Juan Carlos abdicated his throne after nearly 40 years in power, handing over the crown to his son, the new King Felipe VI.

The coronation ceremony for new kings and queens is traditionally Catholic — as are the majority of the Spanish people, at least nominally — but the last coronation took place before the country adopted a democratic Constitution. So, in an attempt to be inclusive of all people, King Felipe VI’s official ceremony was purely secular in nature:

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Ken Ham’s Ignorance is Exposed (Again) in a Rant Against UK Schools Banning the Teaching of Creationism as Science

Creationist Ken Ham just found out that the UK government has told all publicly-funded schools that they cannot teach Creationism as valid science and he’s furious.

And when Ken Ham is furious, everyone else is delighted, because his rage-posts shed light on how much he doesn’t understand about evolution.

Let’s go through his rant section by section…

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Religious Home-Schooling Parents in Virginia Aren’t Regulated At All, but One District is Trying to Change That

Last year, The Washington Post‘s Susan Svrluga wrote an incredible story about a home-schooled student, Josh Powell, who desperately wanted to attend public school because he knew his parents were not teaching him properly.

It didn’t work. Despite the setback, Josh eventually enrolled in a community college and later got accepted to Georgetown University (based on his strong desire to learn). As for his 11 (not a typo) siblings? They were still stuck at home, doomed to the same fate.

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Shocker: Bus Driver Whose Bible Supposedly Stopped Two Bullets Made the Whole Thing Up

Remember the Dayton, Ohio public-bus driver who, in February, was assaulted by three teenagers? Rickey Wagoner‘s assailants supposedly fired three shots at him, point blank, and stabbed him for good measure. The story made national news because Wagoner told everyone his survival was a bona fide miracle: two bullets aimed at his chest never penetrated the Bible that he happened to carry there. Praise the Lord!

Just like the bulk of the stories in Wagoner’s favorite book, his account of the attack turns out to have been nothing but a fanciful fabrication (I guess the man doesn’t believe in the Biblical commandment that prohibits bearing false witness).

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Pastafarian Advice: Wearing a Colander on Your Head Is Amusing on a Driver’s License, Not So Much on a Gun License

I posted yesterday about a New Zealand man, Russell, who took a driver’s license picture with a colander on his head (as members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster do):

The reception was almost universally positive. I’m sure there were a few people scratching their heads if they didn’t understand the statement he was actually making — about how you can get away with just about anything if you say it’s part of your religious beliefs — but that’s inevitable.

It turns out an Australian atheist learned about that confusion the hard way. Guy Albon wore the Pastafarian head-covering when he took the picture… for his gun license:

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