Somehow, This Video Makes Televangelist Jim Bakker’s Buckets of Food Even More Sickening

I don’t know how he did it, but Vic Berger found a way to make televangelist Jim Bakker even creepier than usual.

It involves the giant buckets of food Bakker is selling to his fellow Christians for when the world collapses during the Last Days and grocery stores become obsolete.

It’ll also make you ridiculously queasy. Because any food eaten with a shovel is, by definition, disgusting.

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Activist Maajid Nawaz Criticizes the “Regressive Left” for Allowing Bigotry in Religious Contexts

Echoing statements made by people like Sam Harris and Bill Maher, activist Maajid Nawaz criticizes those on the “Regressive Left” who refuse to call out Islam even when that condemnation is warranted — like when women are treated as second class citizens or cultural practices would never be accepted in other contexts.

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Could Republicans Be Alienating Their Base With Refugee Ban Comments?

It wasn’t all that surprising when Republican Presidential candidates took advantage of the Paris attacks to try to shore up their national security credentials. In theory, it wasn’t a terrible plan, strategically speaking. After all, their base actually believed Trump when he said undocumented immigrants from Mexico included many rapists and drug dealers. Xenophobia is sort of their thing.

But it seems that even their conservative base has its limits. While Republicans bank on the fact that they’ll get the evangelical vote, some Christian leaders see that vote as uncertain now.

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Satanic Temple Chapter Offers to Help Muslims Who Fear Backlash

One day, parents will tell their children to bring home a nice Satanist.

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Roanoke Mayor’s Endorsement of Japanese Internment is the Canary in the Coal Mine

We already knew that many Republicans were unabashedly displaying their xenophobic, bigoted worldview in the wake of the Paris attacks and the face of a burgeoning refugee crisis. But perhaps the most unbelievable comment about the situation came not from Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or their brethren, but a Virginia Democrat.

Yesterday, Mayor David Bowers of Roanoke, Virginia issued a public statement that set the Internet aflame. See if you can catch the passage that set everyone off:

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