Satanist Sues Florida County for Rejecting Him as an Invocation Speaker

Chaz Stevens is the atheist-turned Satanist who has been trying to deliver invocations at city councils across the state of Florida.

Rather than let him speak, though, many city councils have dropped invocations entirely.

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The Ten Slim Jesus Commandments of Street Salvation

As promised, Jesus has returned.

Okay, not really. But his name is Jesus and he is white, just as depicted above your grandma’s mantle.

Slim Jesus is a tough-talking, 18-year-old rapper from Ohio who just busted on to the scene last month with a viral video for his first single, “Drill Time.” To date, the only known miracle Slim has performed is not getting himself killed by real gangsters while wielding handguns and threatening to “put a hole in your fuckin’ back.”

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When Scarlett Johansson Reads Bible Verses, Even the Crazy Stuff Sounds Better

How do you make the Bible even sexier?

Just have Scarlett Johansson read passages from the Book Deuteronomy.

That’s the gist of a sketch on comedian Mike O’Brien‘s new album Tasty Radio:

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Thought-Provoking Billboards for Sam Harris Events Rejected in Australia

Sam Harris will be speaking in Australia this January for a group called Think Inc., and advertising has already begun. The group created billboards featuring lines from some of Harris’ books… only to have them rejected for being too discriminatory.

Here are the billboards. Good luck trying to figure out who’s being discriminated against.

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Texas Pastor Holds Public Dialogue with Atheist Couple to Counter Stereotypes and Misconceptions

Credit where it’s due: Pastor Doug Kriz of Grace Christian Church in McKinney, Texas wanted his congregation to get to know atheists in their community. Not to preach to them — not yet, anyway — but to understand why they might disagree with Christian beliefs and to break down the stereotypes.

To do that, he had a public conversation with two local atheists. No shouting. No preaching. Just a chance to hear Kyle and Janie Oyakawa‘s stories firsthand.

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