Pat Robertson Tells Grandparents to Bypass Atheist Parents and Send Grandson to Christian School

Pat Robertson said on The 700 Club today that Christian grandparents should do all they can to send their grandson to a private religious school if his atheist parents aren’t introducing him to Jesus.

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Man Allegedly Let Daughter Drown, As Lifeguard Watched, So a “Strange Man” Wouldn’t Touch Her

According to a story from Dubai (that hasn’t yet been verified), a woman allegedly drowned even though a lifeguard could have saved her because her father didn’t want a “strange man” touching her.


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Bangladeshi Police Tell Atheist Bloggers to Stop Criticizing Religion if They Want to Avoid Being Killed

Four atheist bloggers have been assassinated so far this year in Bangladesh, so it’s good to know local law enforcement officials have finally issued a solution to the problem.

Too bad it’s a shitty solution.

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Study Shows That if You Live Next to Natural Beauty, You Are Less Likely to Be Religious

Have you ever walked to your backyard to catch a glimpse of a beautiful mountain or lake in the distance?

Then you just might be an atheist.

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Christian College Wants to Know Alleged Rape Victim’s Sexual History to Assess Her Credibility

In 2012, just three days into her freshman year at Virginia Wesleyan College — a private school affiliated with the United Methodist Church — a student was allegedly raped on campus. To make matters worse, that student says, the school didn’t do enough to help her, but they helped her assailant, later changing what it said on his transcript from “expelled” to “voluntarily withdrawn” so that he could enroll somewhere else. She filed a lawsuit against them last October that is still being fought in courts today.

While rape allegations must be taken seriously and an allegation is not equivalent to legal proof, the school’s attorneys are now making a request that many say goes too far: They want the student to divulge every romantic relationship she’s had before and after the alleged rape:

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