Stop Calling the Bible a 2,000-Year-Old Book

You’ve probably heard it before, and perhaps you’ve even uttered the phrase yourself. Atheists are fond of proclaiming their unwillingness to believe in some silly “2,000 year old book,” an argument which is meant to show how outdated the morals and societal codes taught in the Christian holy book are. The New Testament is certainly outdated and its rules have no business in the 21st century, but atheists are still wrong to use the phrase “2,000-year-old book” to dismiss the Bible.

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Arizona State Honored an Atheist Soldier During Last Night’s Game Against Oregon

If you saw the amazing triple overtime football game yesterday between Arizona State and Oregon, you may have noticed the ASU players wearing throwback uniforms with the number 42 in honor of Pat Tillman, an ASU grad and NFL star who gave it all up to serve in the military. Tillman died by “friendly fire” in 2004 during the War in Afghanistan.

What a lot of the media coverage won’t mention is that Tillman was an atheist — one of the most famous “atheists in a foxhole.”

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Catholic Archdiocese: That Live Exorcism on TV Tonight Isn’t Real, but It Might Tempt Satan

Later tonight, Destination America will stage a live exorcism at the same St. Louis location that inspired the movie The Exorcist.

I should back up a second: Destination America is a TV channel.

Okay. Now we’re all caught up.

Variety explains what’s going on:

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Mississippi Officials Asked to Remove Multiple Displays Promoting Christianity in Local Park

The problem with Bettie D. Robertson Memorial Park in Collins, Mississippi is that there’s a display featuring the words “City of Collins” that’s just above a picture of Jesus and a bible verse.

Oh. And there’s a display of Jesus walking on water.

And another of Jesus carrying a cross.

Wait: I’m not done yet.

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Virginia GOP Ad Reads “Preserve our Christian Heritage! VOTE REPUBLICAN”

In case you had any question about the connection between Christians and the Republican Party, a Virginia GOP leader ran an ad in the local newspaper for next week’s statewide elections that said “Preserve our Christian Heritage! VOTE REPUBLICAN.”

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