Creationist Researchers Argue Over the Duration of the Great Flood: Did It Last 371 or 365 Days?

The last time we saw Creationists arguing with each other, it was over Adam & Eve’s skin color.

Now, in a new “research” paper published by Answers in Genesis, Dr. Danny Faulkner attempts to prove that the Great Flood wasn’t 371 days. Obviously. That would be ridiculous.

It’s really 365 days. Because science, y’all.

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Oklahoma Legislators Almost Asked President Obama to Condemn Dead Christians

Of course President Obama condemns violence against people of faith (and no faith, for that matter).

Of course he does. I’m sure every elected official would.

But Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern — a Republican, in case you had any doubt — wants it in writing.

So she submitted House Resolution 1022 to make it official:

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Finally, God Gets the Blame in a Football Loss

We see so many press conferences with athletes giving thanks to God, even though their workout routines and long practices, and coaches’ input probably played a role in the victory.

So it’s nice to finally see an athlete blame God in a loss:

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Arizona Christians Work Together… To Destroy the One Progressive Church in the Area

If there’s one thing conservative Christians despise more than atheists, it’s “progressive” Christians, the kind of people who don’t always vote Republican or assume gay people getting married will lead to the downfall of society.

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A Graphic Representation of the Attacks on Bangladeshi Writers and Bloggers

The recent attacks on atheist writers/bloggers in Bangladesh are part of a disturbing trend in the country over the past several years, as you can see in our graphic below (click image to enlarge):

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