Family Alleges Woman Died For Lack of Timely Medical Care; Calling the Doctor Would Have ‘Desecrated the Sabbath’

The relatives of an elderly Israeli woman have filed a $750,000 lawsuit against the Hadassim Nursing Home in Bnei Brak. The family alleges that the nurses refused to call a doctor when the 85-year-old’s condition worsened. The nursing home’s employees are said to have told the family that calling a doctor would desecrate the Sabbath.

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Snake-Handling Pastor Slips Away from Indictment

Last November, state authorities raided Knoxville pastor Andrew Hamblin‘s Tabernacle Church of God and took into custody the dozens of venomous snakes he kept around for God-pleasing purposes.

The state has a law again possessing venomous snakes and Hamblin was violating it — not to mention exploiting it on the National Geographic Channel’s now-canceled show “Snake Salvation.”

But Hamblin just got a huge break:

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Father of Boy Who Died Thwarting a Suicide Bomber is Very Happy; Can’t Wait For Other Son to Get Martyred, Too

Earlier this week, we learned details about a 10-year-old Afghani girl, Spozhmai Ghafar, whose older Taliban brother had allegedly outfitted her with a suicide vest and instructed her to blow up a police checkpoint. She refused and is now in protective custody. (The Taliban denies the charge.)

Now comes the story of another child, a 14- or 15-year-old in Pakistan named Aitzaz Hassan, who did die in a bomb attack — and who is thought to have saved many other children’s lives by doing so.

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Dale McGowan’s New Book About Interfaith Relationships Now Available for Preorder

I’m so excited to announce this: My friend Dale McGowan, who has already written two incredibly popular books on raising children as an atheist parent — Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers — will soon release his third book about atheist families.

It’s called In Faith and In Doubt: How Religious Believers and Nonbelievers Can Create Strong Marriages and Loving Families:

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If Ken Ham Were to Accept Evolution, It Might Look Something Like This…

(via SMBC)

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