Franklin Graham: Jesus is the “Only Cure” for Gun Violence

Franklin Graham, the Christian evangelist who seems to instinctively disagree with everything President Obama says, couldn’t bring himself to admit that the common sense gun safety measures proposed by Obama made any sense.

So he offered his own ideas for how to reduce gun violence.

Like Jesus. Because Jesus is his goddamn answer to anything, no matter how ridiculous it sounds:


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God Is Done With Drunken Snowmobilers Expecting a Near-Death Experience

Think twice before you crash your snowmobile this winter — the Lord has had it with your over-the-top expectations of paying Him a temporary visit.

Quoth the Onion:

Saying He was fed up with providing His divine assistance in such cases, the Lord Our God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, proclaimed Thursday He would no longer bestow transcendent near-death experiences upon people who crash their snowmobiles.


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A Compilation of Bart Ehrman’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here’s an excellent compilation of Bart Ehrman‘s best arguments and comebacks. (via Agatan Fnd) [Read more…]

Christian Leader Furious After New Jersey School Makes Saying “God Bless America” Optional

Here’s yet another reminder that Focus on the Family under the leadership of Jim Daly is really no different than it was under James Dobson.

It involves an incident that took place last week at Glenview Elementary School in New Jersey. Students there were told to say “God bless America” after the Pledge of Allegiance (because why invoke God once when you can do it twice?!)… and they had been doing this since 9/11.

The ACLU reminded the District that this was not something you could tell kids to say, and administrators reluctantly complied. They said it would no longer be a formal part of the school day. But kids who wanted to say it could obviously still do that.

So how did Focus on the Family spin that story to their gullible Christian base?


Well, Daly’s post is titled “It’s Now Illegal to Say ‘God Bless America’?” if that gives you any indication. (The question mark doesn’t temper the bullshit claim he’s making, but the obvious answer is “no.”)

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Not Believing In God Is No Joke To the Christian Woman Who Battered and Robbed a Disabled Man

A 49-year-old Louisville, Kentucky woman, Laura Reid, stands accused of assaulting and robbing a disabled man back in October. Her motive? The victim had “joked” to her that he doesn’t believe in God.

Heaven knows what she’d have done to him if he hadn’t merely been kidding about his unbelief.


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