Atheist Billboard Saying “Go Ahead and Skip Church!” Vandalized in Colorado

Looks like this theist was too busy during Christmas to find time to commit a misdemeanor, so vandalizing an atheist holiday billboard with the words “GOD’S NOT DEAD” had to be put off until the new year.

The billboard, located on I-25 in Fountain, Colorado, is part of American Atheists’ annual campaign to help closeted atheists recognize they’re not alone. It serves as encouragement for opting out of the religious aspects of the holidays.


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This is Why Pastor Creflo Dollar Needed a $65 Million Plane

It was back in March when Pastor Creflo Dollar asked his parishioners to donate $65 million so he could buy a new plane. (For Jesus, of course.) He later cancelled the fundraiser after a hell of a lot of negative media attention, but blamed it on Satan trying to “discredit” his voice.

What got lost in this discussion is why he needed this new plane in the first place. Because he already had one a year earlier.

But this is what happened to it:


On November 24, 2014, Dollar’s Gulfstream III was permanently damaged in a runway accident at London’s Biggin Hill Airport. The plane veered off course, mistaking lights on the edge of the runway for lights on the center of the runway. No one was injured, but the cost of repair made no economic sense.

The UK agency tasked with investigating the accident recently released its final report on the matter.

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Atheism Doesn’t Prey on Fear and Prejudice

Every now and then, a Christian apologist will rant about how these “New Atheists” are the worst people ever. It’s nothing new, and I find some comfort in knowing they’re on the defensive. But it’s always fun to see what they’re so upset about.

The latest entry comes from David Robertson, writing at Desiring God. He wants to warn Christians about atheism and its proponents.

If you read the article, you'd think all atheists look like this.

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Please Help (Ken) Ham Dog Learn Evolution

Ken Ham must be feeling pretty left out this week.

All the atheists are talking about “ham”… but it has nothing to do with him.

So here’s a little something to let him know he’s in our thoughts (and prayers).


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God, I Don’t Believe in You. Now Please Don’t Smite Me

I honestly had this thought shortly after convincing myself I didn’t believe in God anymore.

It’s illogical, but there you go:


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