Women Beware: Pastor Mark Driscoll Announces the Formation of a New Church

It was more than a year ago that Pastor Mark Driscoll resigned from Mars Hill Church in Seattle. It was a long time coming, given that he had trolled his own church website’s forums, used church funds to game the system and turn his book about marriage into a bestseller, was caught plagiarizing, and was just an all-around sexist and asshole.

Looks like his self-imposed exile is over. Yesterday he announced the formation of a brand new church in Phoenix, Arizona:


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Helen Mirren Suggests Darwin Award for Drunk Drivers This Super Bowl Sunday

In a Budweiser commercial set to air this Sunday during Super Bowl 50, Actress Helen Mirren, “a notoriously frank and uncensored British lady,” offers a brutal tongue-lashing to those who choose to drive drunk — summoning Charles Darwin himself to intervene with one of those gene-ending awards he’s known for.


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Advice for Muslim Women Who Want to Take Off Their Hijabs

The last time we heard from ex-Muslim (and current atheist) Aliyah Saleem, she was talking about how she took off her hijab for good.

Her latest video offers seven strategies for other Muslim women who may want to do the same thing:


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Former Australian PM’s Decision to Address Anti-Gay American Group Sparks Concern and Confusion

When people learned that former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott would be addressing the right-wing American Christian group Alliance Defending Freedom, there was plenty of criticism to go around. This prompted author and rector at St Mark’s Anglican Church Michael Jensen to write that such pushback demonstrated a threat to religious liberty.


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Ted Cruz Didn’t Beat Donald Trump With the Religious Right in Iowa

It was hard not to do a little knee-jerk reaction cheering when Donald Trump lost in Iowa last night, especially with that ramble of a concession speech that sounded a lot like a drunken “I love you, man” frat boy rant than a political address. The Donald had been taken down a peg, and it was a glorious thing to behold.

Until it hit you that Senator Ted Cruz — easily the most radically conservative and religious viable candidate on the right — was the one who’d taken first prize. As he took a 30-minute victory lap that could have just as easily been mistaken for a backwater revival church sermon, glee gave way to dread. What did Iowa’s exaltation of this fire-and-brimstone evangelical over the favored business mogul mean? Was the Religious Right about to strike back with a vengeance?

I wouldn’t count on it.


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