Here Are a Bunch of Christians Telling @Caitlyn_Jenner She Needs Jesus in Her Life

Caitlyn Jenner made her debut today on the cover of Vanity Fair:

Some Christians on Twitter have a message for her:

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Pastor Who Thinks He Raised Man from the Dead Has an Anonymous Doctor’s Note to Back Up His Story

A few days ago, I wrote about Pastor Robby Dawkins (no relation to Richard) and how he thinks he helped raise someone from the dead (with God’s help, of course).

In short, Dawkins said a man started convulsing as he was about to give a sermon. Dawkins ran to the man’s side, rebuked the “spirit of death,” and helped the man recover!

That man’s sister, however, refutes the entire story. She says he was simply having a seizure. While he needed hospitalization, he was never dead. She went on to claim that the pastor of the church that invited Dawkins to speak even apologized for bringing him there.

Now, Dawkins is trying to do damage control, and it’s hilarious.

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The #CharlieCharlieChallenge Was a Giant Marketing Stunt… Say Those Who Believe Anything You Tell Them

Remember that whole “Charlie Charlie Challenge” in which gullible people would try to summon a Mexican demon with an American name? And then even more gullible people told them not to do it because it was tempting Satan?

Some websites are now saying it was a marketing stunt for an upcoming movie, The Gallows:

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Ken Ham Thinks the Creationist Who Stumbled Upon a Fossil Was Doing Real Science

Last week, Edgar Nernberg made news for finding a fossil as he was excavating ground for a new house:

While that might be enough to generate a few headlines, there was a tremendous amount of press for this story because Hernberg is a Creationist. In other words, a man who believes the Earth is about 6,000 years old found a fossil that’s tens of millions of years old. Hilarious.

To his credit, though, Nernberg knew that he wasn’t capable of doing much with the fossil (and I wouldn’t be either), so he turned it over to paleontologist Darla Zelenitsky of the University of Calgary. Her team plans to clean up the fossils, analyze them, and put them on display.

Now look at how Creationist Ken Ham is spinning this whole story.

He’s arguing that a Creationist made an important scientific discovery — not ironically — as if the two are genuinely linked together:

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Comedian Tracy Morgan Thanks Everyone but God in First Interview Following Accident

Earlier today, comedian Tracy Morgan gave his first interview since being in an accident that killed one of his friends.

During the segment with Matt Lauer, Morgan thanked lots of people involved in his recovery: The doctor, the nurses, his family, the police, the passers-by on the side of the road who stopped to help him out, his drivers, the people piloting the helicopter that took him to the hospital, etc.

Never once did he mention God.

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