A Christian Parody of “Uptown Funk”

Nothing screams “I love Jesus” more than a cringe-worthy pop song parody. So here’s “Holy Spirit Funk,” a parody of the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars hit:

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All Animals Do Not Go to Heaven

Religion doesn’t make logical sense? Who would’ve guessed…

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Don’t Use the Bible to Defend Killing Innocent Animals

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why no one should use the Bible to defend trophy hunting:

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America’s Next Top Model Throws Atheist Contestant Under the Bus

The most shocking news in this post might be that America’s Next Top Model is still on the air. Its 22nd season premiered last night on The CW, and it featured a contestant who describes religion as “the root of all evil.”

That contestant, Stefano Churchill, is a chiseled 24-year-old from Virginia, and he got a lot of screen time in the episode. Unfortunately, he’s not a nice guy, and the show is using his bad behavior to uphold some unpleasant stereotypes about atheists.

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NFL Star Arian Foster: “I Don’t Believe There’s a God”

Arian Foster is the NFL star (a four-time Pro Bowler) who once wrote about how he plans to teach his daughter about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and often tweets things you wouldn’t expect from a religious individual. But he never came out and said he wasn’t religious. Until now.

While he’s sidelined for the early part of the season due to a groin injury, Foster was profiled by Tim Keown in the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine and opened up about how he’s an atheist (even if he doesn’t use that word explicitly):

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