Singing Nun Covers “Like a Virgin”

Sister Cristina Scuccia, a nun who won Season Two of the Italian version of The Voice this past June, just released the first video for her upcoming album… and it’s a cover of Madonna‘s “Like a Virgin.”

Well played, Sister…

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About Those Ads…

I know you’re all annoyed by the autoplay video ads on this site… and if you’re reading this on an iPhone, you’ve probably been redirected to the App store by now.

A few comments about that:

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There Are Still Christian Schools with This Awful Fire Safety Policy

Last year, I posted about the awful fire safety policy at one fundamentalist Christian college. If a fire alarm rang, even in the middle of the night, women were required to change into a skirt before they went outside. Not having the ability to just run out in pajamas could, of course, cost them valuable seconds in the case of an emergency.

I hear those policies have since changed at places like Pensacola Christian College and Bob Jones University, but Darrell at Stuff Fundies Like just posted a screenshot from Instagram of two young ladies at a similar school where a similar policy is still in place:

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Where Does One Even Begin Countering This Insane View of “Evil” Atheists?

Jeff Porter, who writes under the pen name UGAFender, is

A Georgia boy, born a raised. I’ve traveled to 3 of the 4 corners of our country and to several spots off the reservation… I have interests that range the gamut, so there’s no telling what category I will cover.

Feel free to insert sics where you feel they belong.

With his intellectual pursuits “ranging the gamut,” Porter focused his powers of observation and logic on atheism the other day.

Atheism is such an empty vessel; a bleak and vacant belief in a brief and futile and purposeless existence.

A belief that we came from nowhere and we are headed for nothing must sustain a vacuum where one’s soul should otherwise be abounding with hope and joy and comfort in the knowledge of the truth that we are eternal and ever lasting beings, created for a purpose and with a destiny.

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Quebec Driver Acting “In the Name of Allah” Mows Down Two Canadian Soldiers

Jihad up North:

A Quebecer shot dead by police after running down two Canadian soldiers told a 911 operator he was acting in the name of Allah

The Prime Minister’s Office says the dead suspect, identified as Martin Couture-Rouleau, had become “radicalized.”

Two police sources [said] that the incident just after 11:30 a.m. was a possible terrorist attack against the unidentified soldiers, one of whom was in critical condition. Police gunned down Couture-Rouleau, 25, in his hometown of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, 30 minutes south of Montreal on Monday morning.

He charged at the officers wielding a big knife with a curved handle, witnesses claim. Police fired seven bullets to stop him.

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