Indiana Public School Suspension Program May Involve Community Service Projects at Local Churches

The administrators in Ripley County, Indiana thought they had come up with an ideal way to handle students who were suspended. Instead of letting them stay home, they had to participate in a program that involved completing their homework at a communal facility and doing community service projects. If they didn’t accept that option, they could go in front of a judge:

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Texas Students Protest After Teacher Gets Suspended for Allegedly Proselytizing in Class

On Monday morning, 50 students staged a protest outside Santa Rosa High School in Texas because one of their teachers, Charles Zeissel, had been temporarily suspended by the administration for speaking about religion in the classroom.

We don’t know the context or details of what he said. All we know is that he discussed God and recited Bible verses in class on Friday. It’s hard to imagine what purpose that would serve in a math classroom, but the matter was serious enough for the Superintendent to take action:

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Even in the South, Churches Don’t Have as Much Power As They Used To

Despite the amped up rhetoric from the Religious Right, religious belief is on the downswing in this country. Jay Reeves of the Associated Press recently took a look at the impact of that trend in the South, and his points are encouraging:

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Pastor Inadvertently Says He Invited Creationist to Speak at Church to “Contradict Education”

On Saturday night, Rev. Paul E. Veit spoke to New Life Community Church in Pennsylvania all about Creationism. While none of that is particularly newsworthy, it’s a bit entertaining to learn why “Dr. Dino” was brought in to speak to the church members:

Dave Elick, pastor of New Life Community Church, said he brought in Veit to “contradict education” especially for younger people.

That may be the best explanation I’ve ever heard for Creationism: It “contradicts education.” Just as it contradicts “facts” and “reality.”

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Zombie Nativity Scene Draws $500 Fine from Ohio Town

Last year, Ohio resident Jasen Dixon put up a Zombie-themed Nativity scene at his home, only to be told he had to take it down because it violated local ordinances about size and location of such displays.

Dixon didn’t take it down, but he responded as any good internet-dweller would: He vowed to make this year’s Nativity scene bigger and better — and compliant with the law. He even started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for his project, netting $878 in the process.

His display is finally back up! But not without controversy.

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