Lutheran Church Tells Old Woman She Can’t Be Buried Next To Her Husband Because of Poor Attendance

Doreen Pawelk was a member of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in New Germany, Minnesota for more than 50 years, but the 84-year-old had more recently parted ways with their theology and stopped attending services. Still, after her church-going husband died last year, she assumed that she could at least be buried next to him when her time came.

But then she received this letter from the church telling her that, because she no longer attended services regularly, she’d have to find a new burial plot, too:


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“Seasonal Marriage” Law Raises Sex Trafficking Worries in Egypt

In Egyptian law, there is a concept of “seasonal marriage” — a temporary arrangement, during which time two persons are wed, that concludes on an agreed upon date, with money exchanging hands. In a religiously conservative country, it’s a means of legalizing what essentially amounts to prostitution. The practice has been dubbed “tourism marriage” by human rights worker Amr Abdel Rahman, as it draws wealthy older men from other countries seeking temporary Egyptian brides. Brides who are, often enough, from very poor families and desperate circumstances.


Recent government moves to protect temporary brides by increasing the cost of these marriages have raised concerns that they will only bolster sex trafficking as the women involved may have little or no say in their marriages.

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Women Beware: Pastor Mark Driscoll Announces the Formation of a New Church

It was more than a year ago that Pastor Mark Driscoll resigned from Mars Hill Church in Seattle. It was a long time coming, given that he had trolled his own church website’s forums, used church funds to game the system and turn his book about marriage into a bestseller, was caught plagiarizing, and was just an all-around sexist and asshole.

Looks like his self-imposed exile is over. Yesterday he announced the formation of a brand new church in Phoenix, Arizona:


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Helen Mirren Suggests Darwin Award for Drunk Drivers This Super Bowl Sunday

In a Budweiser commercial set to air this Sunday during Super Bowl 50, Actress Helen Mirren, “a notoriously frank and uncensored British lady,” offers a brutal tongue-lashing to those who choose to drive drunk — summoning Charles Darwin himself to intervene with one of those gene-ending awards he’s known for.


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Advice for Muslim Women Who Want to Take Off Their Hijabs

The last time we heard from ex-Muslim (and current atheist) Aliyah Saleem, she was talking about how she took off her hijab for good.

Her latest video offers seven strategies for other Muslim women who may want to do the same thing:


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