Updates on the Daughter of Homeschooling Christian Parents Who Needed Help Obtaining Essential Life Documents

A couple of days ago, we learned about Alecia Faith Pennington, a 19-year-old woman who grew up in a homeschooling Christian household. Because of her parents’ disdain for government regulation of any kind, Alecia had no birth certificate (she was home-birthed), social security number, or school records (she was home-schooled).

The lack of identification meant she couldn’t obtain a driver’s license, go to college, vote, or even apply for a job. She made a plea for help:

There have been a few updates to this story worth sharing:

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Six and a Half Reasons Why the Bible Is Not Divinely Inspired

What would it take for me to consider converting to Christianity? Simple: Incontrovertible proof of God.

A lot of Christians are fond of saying that all the proof we need is right there in the Bible, but I’ve read the so-called Good Book and I see zero evidence of divinity. In fact, reading the Bible only served to convince me further that Christianity is a house of cards, with a Biblical foundation that is full of mystifying holes and fissures.

Matt, a former evangelical Christian who now writes at Southern Skeptic, recently asked what we would expect to find in a book that was either written by God, or divinely inspired. He’s come up with seven (OK, six and a half) excellent answers.

1. The Bible would be well-organized.

But it isn’t. It’s a hopeless mess. Writes Matt:

There could be a book about God’s creation, a book about love and relationships, a book about parenting, a book about prayer, a book about spirituality, a book about managing churches, a book about morality, and so forth. You know, a well thought out user’s guide to life. Instead, Christians are forced to flip back and forth through thousands of pages, piecing together little bits of information here and there with the help of concordances.

2. It would be more specific.

Need practical life advice, delivered with clarity? Keep looking.

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Are You an Atheist Politician? If You’re British, It Will Help You, Says New Survey

According to a survey released yesterday by YouGov, nearly a third of British adults don’t believe in a God. (Compare that to the 50% who are at least nominally Christian.)

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An Entirely New (To Me) Reason To Be an Atheist: It’s Cheaper

People who make an earnest effort to glean what is true and what is make-belief may be swayed by science, philosophy, and empirical evidence. But on a different level, maybe they should also listen to their pocketbooks.

One rarely-used tickmark for atheism is that it’s cheaper than believing in gods. I never considered that, frankly, but commenter dagobarbz briefly makes the case here:

Atheism is cheaper. There’s no tithing, you can decide to be childless if you want, nobody is laying down rules that benefit the few. You don’t have to donate anything. You don’t have to attend anything. You are free to live your life without [paying] some man in a dress [to tell] you what a sinner you are and how suffering here ensures glory in heaven.

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After Texas Parents Complain That “Lebanon High School” Isn’t Very Patriotic, It Gets a New Name (Kind of…)

Last month, we learned that parents in Frisco, Texas were raising hell over a new local high school’s name: “Lebanon High School.”

The argument was that they didn’t want the school to share its name with a Middle East nation… even though the origin of the name in this case was the community of farmers who lived in the area before Frisco was established. (Indeed, there was a Lebanon School in the area that closed in 1947.)

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