Arkansas Methodist Church Told It Can’t Participate in Easter Parade, Likely Due to Its LGBT-Affirming Stance

The city of Eureka Springs, Arkansas was home to a huge “Celebrate Jesus Easter Parade” this weekend with several local churches taking part in the annual festivities.

But representatives from the Eureka Springs First Methodist Church were told they couldn’t participate even after being accepted initially.

Take a wild guess why…

Church member Suzie Bell believes it’s because of their stance on the LGBT community.

“They wanted to know what our banner was going to say, and it said “Jesus loves all. They had decided that they did not want us in the parade, and that we weren’t welcome.” Bell said.

“It was based purely on our love and acceptance of the LGBT community.” Bell said.

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Appeals Court Agrees That California School District’s Secular Yoga Classes Are Not Illegally Promoting Hinduism

Last Friday, the California Fourth District Court of Appeals upheld an earlier court ruling that teaching yoga in school does not violate the constitution.

The case in question stems from a suit that was filed after the Encinitas Union School District introduced yoga classes in 2012. Some local parents claimed that the class was indoctrinating students in Hinduism, thus violated their Christian beliefs and the students’ constitutional rights.

The district, however, was actually pretty conscientious about ensuring the secular nature of the program, and the parents in question were, let’s say, stretching the truth with their claims about indoctrination.

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Catholic School Nun Stabs Young Boy with Needle to Show Class How Jesus Suffered

I’ve always heard how Catholic school nuns are pretty strict, but this seems over the top even for them:

Sister Ludovita, 30, had been giving [religious education] classes at a school in the town of Kysucke Nove Mesto in northern Slovakia when she told unsuspecting pupil Adam Celko, 7, to come to the front of the class.

She then took a needle out of her handbag and rammed it into the boy’s hand in front of the horrified class, telling him that this was how Jesus suffered — and he would too if he behaved badly.

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On Easter Sunday, Several Nevada Churches Were Vandalized with Anti-Christian Messages

I will never understand people who vandalize churches (or anything else for that matter).

Members of several churches in Incline Village, Nevada came to Easter services yesterday, only to be greeted with anti-Christian graffiti, like this one with arrows pointing to a cross saying “is a lie” and “is a hoax”:

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For Easter, a Flying Spaghetti Monster Display Went Up in the Wisconsin State Capitol Building

Late last year, the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison discovered that anybody could put up a display in the State Capitol Building as long as they filled out the proper paperwork.

So to counter the Nativity Scenes around Christmas, they put up signs honoring gods from Game of Thrones.

The same thing happened last week. The Freedom From Religion Foundation put up signs saying “In Reason We Trust” (which were then stolen) to counter some Easter-related displays.

And the college students, not to be outdone, received permission to put up this poster:

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