This is What Atheists Look Like at the Start of Thanksgiving Dinner

I’m not saying Donald Trump is an atheist. But I believe he’s a devout Christian as much as he believes President Obama is an American.

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This is How Anti-Abortion Groups Lie with Statistics

Over the past several years, Planned Parenthood has increased the raw number of abortions it provides. In 2006, they performed 289,750 abortions. By 2013, the number had gone up to 327,000. It’s possible the increase is, in part, due to the lack of alternative locations for women to get the procedure done.

Over that same time period, the number of anti-cancer services dropped from 2,007,371 to 935,573. Why the drop? Because for some services, like pap smears, there were “changing medical standards about who should be screened and how often.”

If you’re a pro-life politician who wants to use that information to make Planned Parenthood look evil, what do you do? Easy. You just have to assume your base isn’t intelligent enough to look into the details of whatever you show them. It worked with the recent anti-Planned Parenthood videos, after all.

So yesterday, during a congressional hearing, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) showed Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards this chart documenting those numbers:

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When It Comes to Gay Rights, Pope Francis is No Different from Kim Davis

According to news reports, Pope Francis had a private meeting with Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis last week:

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God Doesn’t Have a Plan For Us, Does He?

Leave it to The Onion to explain how God hasn’t put very much thought into our lives at all:

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Alabama Legislator Files Bill Allowing Public Colleges to Employ Christian Chaplains

Last month, the Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a damning report highlighting public universities who had chaplains for their football teams. In cases where the chaplains were paid, it meant tuition money and taxpayer funding were being directed at people who were there for no other reason than to promote Christianity. (In addition to player access, some chaplains also received free tickets to games and a personal office.)

Now, Alabama State Rep. Craig Ford has put forth a bill, HB 33, that would make it legal to hire chaplains at public schools in the state. (It’s named after the chaplain at Auburn University.)

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