Evangelist Kent Hovind Found Guilty on Contempt of Court Charge

This morning,

… the jury in the trial of Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind returned their verdict convicting Hovind on one of four counts he was facing, and his co-defendant Paul John Hansen on two of five.

Hovind was found guilty of contempt for filing paperwork disputing the government’s right to sell his property.

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Ali Rizvi Exposes Muslims’ Double Standard About “Hate Speech”

What if there was a book that described Muslims the way the Qur’an describes disbelievers? Heads would roll, says Ali A. Rizvi. Literally.

Rizvi is talking specifically about this verse in the Islamic Good Book:

The worst of beasts are the disbelievers. They’re the ones you make treaties with, but they break those treaties every time because they have no fear of the law.”

If you flipped that, you’d get

The worst of beasts are the followers of Allah. They’re the ones you make treaties with, but they break those treaties every time because they have no fear of the law.”

Instant Islamophobia!

Would a proud Muslim let that insult stand? If not, then why does he consider those words not just acceptable but sacred and supremely truthful if the subject is changed from “followers of Allah” to “disbelievers”?

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Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon Did Not Spend His Fortune on Atheist Billboards

A few days ago, Sam Simon, one of the creators of The Simpsons, died from colorectal cancer.

Simon had made hundreds of millions of dollars from his involvement with the show and he was a philanthropist in every sense of the word, giving away a large chunk of that money to causes that meant a lot to him. Causes like animal rights.

He was also an atheist and he gave some money to support the 2012 Reason Rally and to American Atheists for some of their billboard campaigns, including this one:

How much money do you think that all amounts to? A few thousand dollars? Perhaps tens of thousands of dollars, if he was feeling extra-generous?

Either way, this headline from The Telegraph completely distorts the truth:

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Bobby Jindal Warns That Secularism Will Destroy Religious Freedom

Remember when Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal warned Republicans about being the “stupid party“? As we’ve know by now, that seems to have been more of a “do as I say” moment since Jindal’s own actions haven’t lived up to the rebranding he was going for.

On Tuesday, Jindal and conservative talk show host Steve Deace were discussing whether or not the political climate had progressed to a point where it was “too late” for America. Based on their experience at the Iowa “Pastors and Pews” event, they didn’t think they were there yet.

There was still hope, Deace felt, because he had seen so many attendees who were “anxious to fight as long as a general… arises to sort of lead the way.”

Jindal agreed, although he said, “the stakes are high, and it’s bigger than we realize.” How so? Well, along with the national debt, he warned of the “dangers” of the Affordable Care Act and EPA regulations. But there was something even scarier to the governor than clean air or healthcare access for the poor. Much scarier.

You see, the true monster lurking in the closet of presidential misdeeds is…

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Paleo Cookbook for New Moms Indefinitely Delayed After Health Officials Point Out the Recipes Could Kill Babies

The Paleo diet is one that’s high in protein, meat, and fiber… and light on carbs. There’s plenty of reason to criticize it, but the latest one is pretty damning.

Australian author Pete Evans is a proponent of that diet and he was going to release his latest book, Bubba Yum Yum: The Paleo Way, this Friday. It’s a Paleo cookbook for new mothers and their babies.

Just one problem: The recipes could kill them.

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