Article Reveals How Far Leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses Will Go to Cover Up Child Sexual Abuse Within the Church

When it comes to covering up abuse, Jehovah’s Witnesses are rivaling the Catholic Church, if not the Orthodox Jewish community in New York.

Trey Bundy of the Center for Investigative Reporting has a long and detailed expose of the policies used by JW church leaders that shows just how horribly they handle abuse cases, going so far as to tell local spiritual leaders “to form confidential committees to handle potential criminal matters internally” rather than going to the police.

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There’s Another Man?!

She never should have said His name:

(via the New Yorker)

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It Can Be Rough to Worship at the Church of Apple

I made a graph to illustrate what happened as I read the news about Apple making an electric car.

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Glad They Cleared Up That Mistake…

Boyd W. Thomas wrote a letter to the editor of the Lexington Dispatch (North Carolina) that’s just gloriously weird. It begins like this:

God states that seven kings must come before the rise of the Antichrist. Revelations 17:10 says the seventh king will reign for a short amount of time. Is Barack Obama the seventh king?

I guess when the article ran, though, the headline said something like “Is Obama the Antichrist?” Which caused the editors to have to correct their mistake in an even more memorable way:

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Updates on the Copenhagen Shootings — Dead Gunman Is Named as Known Danish Criminal Omar El-Hussein

ABC Australia:

The suspected gunman in two fatal shootings in Copenhagen has been named as 22-year-old Omar El-Hussein, who police said had a history of gang-related violence.

Police raided an internet café close to where El-Hussein was killed and said he may have been inspired by the Islamist attacks in Paris a month ago. Local reports said El-Hussein had been released from prison two weeks ago for assault. Investigators believed he was to blame for killing two men in separate gun attacks — one at a cafe where a debate on Islam and free speech was held, and another at the city’s main synagogue.

The Telegraph (U.K.):

[El-Hussein] was a Danish-born 22-year-old known to police because of past violence, gang-related activities and possession of weapons, police said in a statement on Sunday. …

The Danish Film Institute says the 55-year-old man killed in a shooting at a free speech event in Copenhagen was documentary filmmaker Finn Noergaard. The institute’s chief Henrik Bo Nielsen says he was shocked and angry to find out Noergaard was gunned down while attending a discussion on art and free speech. Noergaard directed and produced documentaries for Danish television, including the 2004 “Boomerang boy” about an Australian boy’s dreams to become a world boomerang champion, and the 2008 “Le Le” about Vietnamese immigrants in Denmark.

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