Pastor Refuses to Marry Couple an Hour Before Ceremony Because Bride’s Dress is Too Sexy

Apostle Michael Canty of the Truth Ministries Holiness Church recently refused to marry a couple mere hours before the ceremony was to be performed. His reasoning? The bride’s dress was too sexy:

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Why Did Israel Alter Science Textbooks at Religious Schools to Remove Aspects of the Female Anatomy?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses a recent decision in Israel to give state-sponsored religious schools censored science books:

You can read more about the issue here.

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Creationist Argues That the Big Bang Is ‘Bad Science’ Since ‘It Doesn’t Line Up with the Bible’

World Net Daily contributor David Rives is a Creationist and he appeared on the Eric-Hovind-hosted Creation Today show recently, explaining that the Big Bang was bad science because the Bible doesn’t back it up.

Because that’s how science works.

Eric Dolan at Raw Story has the clip:

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There Will Be No 11-Story Cross in Brandon, Mississippi; Church Decides Issue is Too Divisive

Last night, supporters of the planned 110-foot cross that was to go up in Brandon, Mississippi, were sorely disappointed by this message that appeared on the Facebook page dedicated to the initiative:

After prayerful consideration, the Pastor, Staff leadership and Deacons of First Baptist Church Brandon have elected to immediately withdraw the churchʼs application for a variance from the City of Brandon Zoning Ordinance to allow construction of a 110 foot cross on church property. The decision to withdraw the variance application and end this controversy is motivated by our churchʼs love for our community and our deep desire to effectively minister in the Name of Jesus to our community. First Baptist Church of Brandon believes that our ability to minister to our community, our Jerusalem, is a priority calling that no amount of controversy or negative exposure should be allowed to damage. This decision is not a reflection upon our belief in the merit of the cross project. We steadfastly believe that the symbol of Godʼs plan of redemption, the symbol of His unmerited favor, the symbol of His sinless substitute for sinful man, should be raised and displayed in as many places as possible.

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Ask Richard: A Follow-Up Letter from a Teenage Atheist Four Years Later

Dear Richard,

I wrote to you back in 2009 when I was in the 8th grade and you really helped me and I wanted to thank you for that. I just recently rediscovered your blog and I figured I would write to you again. I’m now a senior in high school and in the time since the 8th grade I’ve completely reassessed my faith. For a little while I kept trying to be Christian, and for about a year I was. I feel like that was good for me though. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s a very unwise thing to completely disown one’s faith in middle school. I have, however, come to the conclusion that I am an atheist, and I honestly do not see that changing. I’m just worried about any fallout caused by this, and I don’t quite know how to approach certain situations that I face on a near daily basis. I’m trying to get some answers to questions preemptively in hopes that when I’m faced with these situations (either once again or someday in the future) I will know the best way to handle them.

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