Army Recruiting Center Removes Sign Reading “On a Mission for Both God and Country”

If you walked past an Army recruiting station near Phoenix recently, you might have seen this sign outside the office: There’s something scary about the U.S. military saying we’re on a mission for God… it’s the sort of rhetoric our enemies are using, offering religious justifications for war and violence. On Thursday, Mikey Weinstein of [Read More…]

Thanks to You, a Public Library Targeted by Conservative Christian Activists Just Received a Large Donation

Back in November, we heard about a Creationist mother who laughably “audited” an evolution exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History and posted the video on YouTube. It turns out that mother, Megan Fox, is the same person who (with a friend of hers) had been a pain in the side of my local [Read More…]

How North Korea Brainwashes Children To Conform to “Kimism”

When conservative believers jeer and jab at atheism, they frequently point to North Korea as an example of what a perfect atheist state looks like.

Next time that happens, just send them a link to this article from yesterday’s Washington Post.

Author Anna Fifield explains how the country’s schoolchildren are force-fed the idea that their leaders are divine beings. “Kimism” is a religion in all but name.

The personality cult that permeates every aspect of North Korean life has become an ideology in itself. It revolves around Kim Il Sung, portrayed as an anti-Japanese revolutionary hero and founding father who remains North Korea’s “eternal president” more than two decades after his death.

His son, Kim Jong Il, was, according to North Korean myth, born on a sacred mountain, under a bright star at night. (In reality, he was born in Siberia.) Since Kim Jong Il’s death in 2011, Kim Jong Un has taken over the family business.

If you live in North Korea, you cannot escape the propaganda barrage.

Every home, office, classroom and even train car features portraits of the first two leaders, and the pictures must be cleaned with a special cloth every day.

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Pope Francis Warns Against Those Attempting to “Redefine” Marriage

For some time, Pope Francis has been gathering accolades for his progressive views on a variety of issues.

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Muslim Author Maajid Nawaz’ Journey From Recruiter of Extremists to Impassioned Peacemaker

A year ago, ex-radical Muslim Maajid Nawaz found himself in the crosshairs of some of his brethren over what is possibly the most innocuous Mohammed cartoon ever drawn — seen in this Tweet:

I wrote about the ridiculous affair here.

One reason why I bring Nawaz up again is that the anger and death threats over the cartoon and the tweet tell us something about the discussion that ensued after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. What happened to Nawaz should cause us to question the idea that the French cartoons were so unpardonably “racist” and “hateful” that they drove people like the Kouachi brothers to the breaking point. Clearly, for Muslim extremists to react to a cartoon with fatwas and death threats, all it takes is something as perfectly bland and unobjectionable as the picture above.

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