You Won’t Believe How Much Money Was Stolen from the Largest Church in the U.S. After Weekend Services

Over the weekend, anyone who threw cash or a check into the collection plate basket barrel at Joel Osteen‘s Lakewood Church got some very bad news:

We were heartbroken to learn today that funds were stolen from the church over the weekend. This includes cash, checks and envelopes containing written credit card information, and it is limited only to those funds contributed in the church services on Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9, 2014. If you made a contribution during these weekend services, we would encourage you to pay close attention to your accounts over the next several days and weeks and report any suspicious activity to your financial institution or credit card company immediately.

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‘Cosmos’ for Creationists

I’m pretty sure this is the version of ‘Cosmos’ they’ll be showing in Sunday School this weekend:

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Woman Responsible for Roadside Cross Controversy Now Fears for Her Own Safety

After a lot of discussion about a mother’s roadside cross in memory of her son, the threat of a lawsuit against her city that compelled her to finally take it down, and the multiple crosses put up in its place (which stain her son’s memory far more than atheists ever could), we’re finally hearing from the woman who initially requested that the cross be taken down.

The nurse and mother of three adopted children didn’t want her identity made public, but she spoke to a local news station about how she now fears for her life:

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Hasidic Slumlords Accused of Driving Tenants From Rent-Stabilized Apartments With Acts of Destruction

Where do atheists get their morality? Possibly from a better place than lots of people of faith get theirs. I wonder what would happen if you ran this story, devoid of religious identifiers, by 1,000 random adults and asked them whether they surmised that the sledgehammer-wielding landlords were atheists or devout believers. Anyway: Hasidic slumlords [Read More...]

Best Headline on the Web Today

Mirth via the Irish Times:

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