Alabama Public School District Plans ‘Prayer Caravan’ to Bless Schools for the Upcoming Year

Here’s how you know your school district is led by an incompetent individual: Instead of doing something to help the students, he makes plans to lead prayers in front of every school.

That’s what Cullman County Schools (Alabama) Superintendent Billy Coleman decided to do last week:

It will be a time to lift out schools up to God and ask His blessings for the upcoming school year. We hope to see you on August 10th.

In Christ, Billy Coleman

It was apparently the third year of this “Prayer Caravan.”

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Accused Attempted Murderer Files Lawsuit Over ‘In God We Trust’ Signs on Anderson County Courthouse

On Tuesday, the first “In God We Trust” sign was unveiled over the entrance of the Anderson County Courthouse in Tennessee, and three more were scheduled to be put up yesterday.

Guess what? There’s already a lawsuit to have them taken down.

But it wasn’t filed by an atheist or church/state separation group.

Instead, it was filed by a lawyer for… um… this guy:

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Am I an Anti-Theist?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers the question: Am I an Antitheist?

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Charles Darwin Gets Bumped from British Currency

Since 2000, Charles Darwin has graced the back of British 10-pound notes, much to the chagrin of Creationists everywhere:

But after 2017, he’ll be bumped in favor of author Jane Austen, the Bank of England recently confirmed:

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Speaking in Traverse City, Michigan

Next Monday night (7/29), I’ll be speaking to the Grand Traverse Humanists in Traverse City, Michigan! The event begins at 7:00p at the Traverse Area District Library. More details are on Facebook and on the group’s website. Hope to see you there! [Read more...]