Popular (Bunk) Theory about Atheist Birth Rates and the Rise of Religion Resurfaces

A new study argues that “secularism is likely to undergo a decline throughout the remainder of the twenty-first century” in large part due to our relatively low birth rates (compared to religious groups). But the researchers ignore a lot of important facts to the contrary.


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The Atheist Parent Challenge: Is It Indoctrination If You Steer Your Kids Toward Godlessness?

If I, as an atheist, raise a kid who becomes religious, have I failed as a parent or succeeded as one who raised a young woman capable of independent thought?


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Donald Trump, King of Vulgarities, Bemoans Lack of Press Civility

President Donald Trump thinks the press is being “rude” for literally just doing their job.


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On CNN’s Reliable Sources, Host Wrongly Calls Oregon Shooter an Atheist Targeting Anyone Religious

Sunday’s episode of CNN’s news program Reliable Sources was mostly interesting, focusing on the dramatic decrease in media reporting of the Oregon college shooter’s name and face. This was a response to the gunman making clear he did this for fame, after wistfully writing online of the limelight won by other high-profile murderers. I expect this to be a trend for the future as we belatedly catch on to the problem.

But then, the usually reliable host Brian Stelter had this to say:

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Autism Study Contributes to Finding the Origin of Faith in God

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found a much lower degree of theism amongst the autistic, linking their lack of belief to their diminished mentalizing capacity. Mentalizing can roughly be defined as the ability to imagine what other people are thinking and to perceive or interpret behavior in accordance to intentional mental states [Read More…]