Hobby Lobby Family Under Federal Investigation for Smuggling Artifacts

Does “Thou Shalt Not Lie” ring a bell? The Green Family, founders of Hobby Lobby, have been under federal investigation since a large shipment headed to their Oklahoma City address via Israel was intercepted by U.S. Customs officials in Memphis four years ago. The FedEx shipping label identified the contents as “hand-crafted clay tiles” valued around $300.

What was really inside?

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Prepare for YouVersion, the Instagram of Bibles!

There is a technological revolution underway, and it’s happening under the radar of we hip skeptical types: iBibles.

Now, I’m not talking about some clunky Kindle-clone that contains only The Word, I’m talking about an extremely popular, cross-platform, nondenominational mobile app, labeled in your app store simply as “The Bible,” but officially known as YouVersion.

What’s so special about this? After all, there are hundreds, probably thousands of apps that reproduce the Bible in digital form. YouVersion is notable because it’s an app that contains a huge variety of versions of the Bible, and hundreds of translations in myriad languages. In addition, it offers up the Good Book with an interface that is remarkably, well, Apple-like. Versions and languages are easily accessible, typeface and style are easily customizable, there are audio and video options, note-taking functionality, and the app is generally sharp and pleasing to use.

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