Ted Cruz’s Father Campaigns for Son, Christian Rule, and War on the Faithless

Sen. Ted Cruz leaves no doubt that his father, evangelical minister and wildly popular conservative Christian speaker Rafael Cruz, is his most important professional and personal mentor. Throughout his 2012 Senate campaign, the Texas Republican relied heavily on his father as both chief advisor and veritable stand-in for himself whenever needed. The senator opened both his March 23rd speech declaring his presidential candidacy and his first campaign ad with tales of his father’s inspiration and guidance.

While it was questionable whether President Obama‘s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was fair game for those seeking clues to Obama’s views and intentions, here there can be no question. Rafael Cruz is a wide-open window into Ted Cruz’s soul. And the view isn’t pretty.

Rafael Cruz is a Dominionist, a believer in Christian theocratic world rule. After his son’s 2012 Senate victory, Pastor Cruz participated in a bizarre “anointing” of Christian “kings” at a Texas megachurch. As Cruz stood by with hand raised in acceptance, Pastor Larry Huch introduced the new Senator’s father in prophetic terms:

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‘Real Housewives’ Producers Seeking Christian Women for New Show

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Book Review: Nature’s Witness

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