You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

I’m just sayin’… (Via The Thinking Atheist) [Read more…]

Should Creationism Ever be a Firing Offense?

David Coppedge had a job most computer experts would kill for. He worked for NASA as a computer specialist, as a team leader on the Cassini mission, oriented towards the exploration of Saturn. Coppedge is also a Creationist, though, and he claims that this got him fired after 15 years on the job. Of course, [Read More…]

Helping Christians Accept Evolution

Mike Clawson here again… I must have evolution on the brain or something lately. Anyway, I know that many of you here come from conservative Christian backgrounds, and even if you consider yourself an atheist now, you still have Christian friends and family with whom you interact. Perhaps this past holiday season included heated discussions [Read More…]

Survival of the Weak and Scrawny

Mike Clawson here… Newsweek had a really fascinating article this week about how hunting practices are leading to a kind of “evolution in reverse” as hunters kill off the “best” animals (whether elk, or elephants, or mountain goats, or whatever) and leave the weak and scrawny ones to propagate themselves. Of course, the article acknowledges [Read More…]