You Can’t Call a Hot Dog a Hot Dog In Malaysia Anymore (to Appease Confused Muslim Tourists)

That awkward moment when changing the name of a food product is somehow considered less confusing than just telling people that hot dogs are not made from actual dogs.


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Carbon-Dated Qur’an May Be Older Than Muhammad, Challenging Islam’s Most Basic Tenets

A Qur’an that may be the world’s oldest made a splash in July, when carbon dating at the University of Oxford placed it at about 1,370 years old — the era of Muhammad. The “Birmingham Qur’an,” named after the English university where it resides, was heralded as proof that modern texts have remained true to Muhammad’s original words.

But Houston, we have a problem.  

That’s not only very, very old, it’s quite possibly too old.

This Qur’an may be older than Muhammad.

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Islamic Strife… Over Whether or Not Muhammad Wiggled His Finger

Sectarian strife within Islam is in the headlines every day. It’s more than enough to make you cry. At times, you just have to laugh.

Take that phrase “sectarian strife,” for instance. What’s that really about, anyway? I stumbled upon one answer recently on YouTube, where I discovered that many Muslim clerics are posting passionate — and sometimes angry — videos fiercely debating one particularly weighty “Islamic Issue.”

On how to advance Islamic nations toward greater peace? Or how to improve human rights?

No. This is important! The imams are distressed by “wrong” Muslims who delight the devil by incorrectly moving their finger during prayer!

Yes, it’s Islam’s Great Finger-Wiggling Schism!

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Andrew Sullivan on ‘High-Minded Nonsense’ of Liberals on Tsarnaev Brothers

There has been a swirl of debate around what might or might not have been the motivations behind the Boston bombing attacks allegedly carried out by the Tsarnaev brothers, but one voice has stood out to me in this discussion: that of Andrew Sullivan‘s.

Sullivan began by confronting the garment-rending of Glenn Greenwald, accusing him of “left-liberal self-parody.”

[T]o dismiss the overwhelming evidence that this was also religiously motivated — a trail that now includes a rant against his own imam for honoring Martin Luther King Jr. because he was not a Muslim — is to be blind to an almost text-book case of Jihadist radicalization

To state today that we really still have no idea what motivated him and that rushing toward the word Jihadist is some form of Islamophobia seems completely bizarre to me.

When will some understand how dangerous religious fundamentalism truly is? And when will they grasp that a religion that does not entirely eschew violence (like the Gospels or Buddhism) will likely produce violence when its extremist loners seek meaning in a bewildering multicultural modern world? This was an act of Jihad.

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Brave Libyans Attack Compound of Muslim Radicals Over Death of American Ambassador

When U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed by terrorists in Benghazi a week and a half ago, the people of Benghazi condemned the attack. They gathered to demonstrate against the violence and to send their condolences to the American people. But the protests didn’t end there. While still angry about the insulting “Innocence of Muslims” film, the people [Read More…]