Alex Jones: Hillary Clinton Is a Literal Demon Who Smells Like Sulfur (People Around Her Said So)

Alex Jones, a man who Donald Trump has praised as someone with “an amazing reputation,” has gotten some totally legit-seeming intel on Hillary Clinton.


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Obama and Romney Get Warm and Fuzzy over Faith

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: The Washington National Cathedral has its own magazine. And here’s something you probably did know: Both of the presidential candidates really, really like faith. Cathedral Age has just published a dual Q&A (PDF) with President Obama and Mitt Romney, asking each the same set of questions about their faith [Read More…]

I Have Hope

Mike Clawson here. This won’t have much to do with atheism or religion, but Hemant asked us to post our thoughts on the inauguration. Here’s what I posted on my blog and decided to cross-post here: I don’t want to be naive about Obama and think that just because he’s President suddenly everything will get [Read More…]

How Did Evangelicals Vote?

It’s no surprise that Evangelicals mostly voted for McCain. However, the good news is that roughly 3-4% more voted Democratic this time around than they did in 2004. Furthermore, Obama nearly doubled his support among younger evangelicals (aged 18-44) compared to John Kerry (from 16% to 32% among the 18-29 demographic). That definitely bodes well [Read More…]