Finding answers in the mountains and solace in the confessional

Take a look at this remarkably powerful conversion story and testimony to the goodness of God’s mercy found in the confessional.  The mountainscape makes me think of Blessed John Paul II as a young priest. The story: In the proposition of a 21st century life’s journey, how often do we Americans stop to appreciate a [Read More...]

Beautiful vestments, grace and the priesthood

My blogging neighbor, Leah Libresco sets out to review Gary Wills’ book on the priesthood “Why Priests? A Failed Tradition”.  I haven’t read the book, But I’ve heard enough about it and him to know that I don’t want to. Leah addresses Wills’ critique of vestments: A priest doesn’t vest to draw attention to himself, [Read More...]

Sr. Joan on the papacy in a new key

I had the pleasure of knowing Sr. Joan Roccasalvo, C.S.J. while I did my undergraduate studies at Fordham University.  She is a remarkable woman with a great love for the Church.  Her article on Pope Francis is something new and fascinating. When composers begin a new work, they choose a key that will suit an overall [Read More...]

The Papal Interview – an Invitation of Joy and Love

I”ll be speaking at a Faith on Tap event here on Long Island on Monday.  The topic for the evening is “Living the joy that comes from knowing and following Christ …. The Center of the New Evangelization.”  Its quite a wide ranging topic.  Well, it seems it just because even wider and more intense. [Read More...]

On Eagle’s Wings. Literally!

Apparently someone thought to attach a GoPro video camera to the back of an eagle.  The incredible video is found below.  The words of the popular funeral song “On Eagles wings” will never be the same again! [Read more...]

Holy Father, I want to be a priest!

The Anchoress just posted again the story and video of Nathan telling Pope Francis that he wants to be a priest.  It’s incredible moving.  And its a story that is my own as well.  You see, the same thing has happened to me.  Twice.  The first time, it happened in October of 2002.  I was [Read More...]

The promise of Heaven is enough for me

A lot has been made recently of Archbishop Parolin’s comments about the church’s discipline of celibacy.  Take a look at what Fr. Dan Beeman had to say about it. The Secretary of State for the Vatican actually did say something that is true. But it’s being misunderstood. He said: Priestly celibacy (that a priest makes [Read More...]

Praying for peace as a priest

This is what praying for peace as a priest looks like.  The Roman Missal has so many different options for Masses.  On a day when no other obligatory memorial or feast is to be said, any of the Masses in the Missal may be used.  As of the recommendations of the diocesan Office of Worship [Read More...]

Praying for peace as a parish

Sunday afternoon was one of the most moving and encouraging moments of my priesthood yet.  As you all know, Pope Francis called for prayer and fasting to occur on Saturday (1-5pm Eastern) to pray for peace in Syria. Unfortunately, with the way that most parishes are arranged it was impossible to arrange anything to occur [Read More...]

Gifts of the priesthood – remembering Gramps.

One of the great blessings of being a priest is being able to offer Mass on the birthdays and anniversaries of family members who have died.  Today my Great-grandfather Richard would have been 103 years old.  I made a visit to his grave and left him some red roses – his favorite.  I also offered [Read More...]