The Church is Alive, The Church is young!

This week the focus of the Catholic Church is on Rio for World Youth Day.  Pope Francis arrived yesterday to a very enthusiastic (sometimes too much so) crowd.  Parish duties prevented me from attending WYD this year, but I have been to two World Youth Days in the past – Toronto and Cologne. Bishop DiMarzio [Read More...]

My first anniversary as a priest – a year of blessings!

One year ago today I was ordained to the priesthood of Jesus Christ by Bishop William Murphy for the Diocese of Rockville Centre.  I celebrated the 11am Mass this morning here in my parish with the parishioners and many friends and family present. I’ve told people that this year has been the best of my [Read More...]

It’s spring. Must mean First Communions and Weddings.

                      With spring comes wedding and First Holy Communion season.  Here in my parish we have five large sessions of First Communions and we have at least three weddings every saturday for the foreseeable future.  These celebrations are among the best of the year.  It’s [Read More...]

Why I am a Catholic in less than 200 words: Holy Thursday

A perfect storm – Trying to come up with a homily for Holy Thursday evening and a post on why I am Catholic in less than 200 words.  Not until I sat down to prepare that homily did it all click.  It’s all because of Holy Thursday. I’m a Catholic first because God calls me [Read More...]

A new Pope and a new Cardinal

So  much has been happening with the new Holy Father.  I watched with tears in my eyes this morning as one by one  he greeted the parishioners attending his Mass this morning.  He greeted them as I greet my parishioners here.  With every new pope there comes changes.  The change is of the level of [Read More...]

A New Priest welcomes a New Pope

                                        Stunned.  Thats really the only way i can describe the last few hours.  As soon as I saw the White Smoke the Pastor and I ran – Literally RAN to the church and rang the [Read More...]

Tricks of the Trade for the Sede Vacante

In my last post I pointed out the helpful resources put out by the USCCB for use during the Interregnum (Sede Vacante).  In it they made clear what priests are supposed to say (or rather, not say) during the Eucharistic Prayers.  To make sure I didn’t slip into the old (already) habit of saying “Benedict [Read More...]

Sede Vacante, Conclave, and Habemus Papam – What’s a priest to do?!

I never thought I’d have a conclave during my first year of priesthood!  What’s a parish priest to do?!  I remember visiting a parish youth group retreat during the interregnum and conclave that elected Benedict.  The priest was wearing red vestments and praying to the Holy Spirit to assist the cardinals as they tried to [Read More...]

#Old Fashioned Fridays and Lent

Social media strikes again.  Do something Old Fashioned this Friday it says.  Hashtag #OFF – Old Fashioned Friday.  The video suggests getting into a boat and rowing around in it.  What’s more old fashioned than a boat the video asks.  This short video put together by the makes of the DODOcase – an iPad case maker [Read More...]

Pope Benedict Resigns UPDATED WITH VIDEO

Recognizing his own human frailty, the Holy Father has, of his own accord, decided to resign the Papacy as of 7pm February 28th.  His statement follows: Dear Brothers, I have convoked you to this Consistory, not only for the three canonizations, but also to communicate to you a decision of great importance for the life [Read More...]