Sede Vacante, Conclave, and Habemus Papam – What’s a priest to do?!

I never thought I’d have a conclave during my first year of priesthood!  What’s a parish priest to do?!  I remember visiting a parish youth group retreat during the interregnum and conclave that elected Benedict.  The priest was wearing red vestments and praying to the Holy Spirit to assist the cardinals as they tried to [Read More...]

#Old Fashioned Fridays and Lent

Social media strikes again.  Do something Old Fashioned this Friday it says.  Hashtag #OFF – Old Fashioned Friday.  The video suggests getting into a boat and rowing around in it.  What’s more old fashioned than a boat the video asks.  This short video put together by the makes of the DODOcase – an iPad case maker [Read More...]

Pope Benedict Resigns UPDATED WITH VIDEO

Recognizing his own human frailty, the Holy Father has, of his own accord, decided to resign the Papacy as of 7pm February 28th.  His statement follows: Dear Brothers, I have convoked you to this Consistory, not only for the three canonizations, but also to communicate to you a decision of great importance for the life [Read More...]

Living the Dream – National Vocations Awareness Week

This week is National Vocations Awareness Week and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Office of Media Relations will be posting guest blogs by a young priest (ME!!) or religious January 15-19 at I was very happy to have been asked by the USCCB to write a little piece for this.  Things have been hectic here [Read More...]

A year of Grace

Today’s Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception is one that I have particular fondness for.  not only is our country dedicated to her protection, but so to was the seminary where I received most of my formation.  Because of that, it was the tradition of our seminary to ordained its transitional deacons on that day. And [Read More...]

The Advent of our Desire

The Internet is a remarkable place.  Going through Facebook this evening I came across a video that I found quite moving.  The video looks to assist people in their job discernment.  The narrator asks us to ponder what we would like to do with our lives if “money were no object?”  What I found most [Read More...]

Hey Advent – hurry up and get here already.

If we’re all honest I think we would each admit that these last days of Ordinary Time are getting old.  On Twitter, Bishop Coyne this morning pointed this out from the perspective of us preachers. We’ve been preaching on apocalyptic themes from our lectionary for the last few days.  To be honest, it’s quite difficult [Read More...]

USCCB – Preaching, Penance and Dorothy!

A lot has been happening the last few days in Baltimore.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the bishops and bloggers meet up – duty calls here at the parish!  If you want a play by play, follow the hashtag #USCCB12 on twitter.  Almost as good as being there in person!   The Bishops today [Read More...]

From the “They didn’t prepare me for this in the seminary” file

We’re still here. my parish is still in the dark, but thank God not much damage. I’m writing this post via iPhone so please excuse any typos.  I have been incredibly moved by the resilience of the people of New York, New Jersey and beyond. Power is slowly coming back to our area – my [Read More...]

New Saints for New York

This morning at the 9am Mass I preached with what I hope was fervor on the North American Martyrs – in particular St. Isaac Jogues.   During my canonical retreat in preparation for my priesthood ordination my classmates and I listened to the audio version of the Lives of the North American Martyrs – and since [Read More...]