The Cardinal and Colbert and the New Evangelization

Something very special happened at Fordham Univeristy’s (my alma mater!) Rose Hill Campus last night.  Stephen Colbert appeared with Cardinal Dolan in front of 3000 students and guests at an event the New York Times said “may have been the most successful Catholic youth evangelization event since Pope John Paul II last appeared at World [Read More...]

Video and Text of Cardinal Dolan at the DNC

This is going to get a lot of people talking…  Cardinal Dolan prayed at the conclusion of the DNC, making references to welcoming those waiting to be born and religious freedom. The video and text of His Eminence’s prayer is below.   With a “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence,”  let us close [Read More...]

Al Smith, American Royalty, and Keeping Calm UPDATED

I’ve always loved politics – I even worked in politics during one of my summer breaks during college.  I love the back and forth, I love the debating, the exchange of ideas.  I love the way it can – when done well build us up as a country.  How rarely that happens anymore!  How often [Read More...]

Life doesn’t just happen…

So in the midst of all the fun of launching a blog… parish duties call. One of the first things that strikes me as different between seminary and priesthood… beyond all the awesome stuff… is the lack of a schedule!  Parish Mass in the AM, possible funeral, but then an afternoon of… emptiness!  What to [Read More...]