USCCB – Preaching, Penance and Dorothy!

A lot has been happening the last few days in Baltimore.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the bishops and bloggers meet up – duty calls here at the parish!  If you want a play by play, follow the hashtag #USCCB12 on twitter.  Almost as good as being there in person!     The Bishops [Read More...]

Made for Greatness – Reaching Young Adults

It seems to me that the biggest and most difficult group to evangelize are young adults and teens.  They’re all over the place – spiritually and emotionally.  It’s a group that NEEDS to be reached if we are serious about our evangelization efforts.  The New Evangelization has to begin with this group if it is [Read More...]

The Cardinal and Colbert and the New Evangelization

Something very special happened at Fordham Univeristy’s (my alma mater!) Rose Hill Campus last night.  Stephen Colbert appeared with Cardinal Dolan in front of 3000 students and guests at an event the New York Times said “may have been the most successful Catholic youth evangelization event since Pope John Paul II last appeared at World [Read More...]