7 Quick Takes Friday: Double Trouble!

So, ok. I just have one take this week, followed by 6 takes of me freaking out about the first take. 7. I had my 7 weeks ultrasound yesterday morning. I was laying there on the table, and couldn’t see the screen, and the tech was quiet for a few minutes, so I started freaking [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

7. This week I attended my very first Mother’s Day tea at Maggie’s pre-school. Oh my goodness is was so sweet. Homemade placemats for mom and Maggie, handprint flower centerpieces, decorate your own cookies, and macaroni necklaces. So fancy. I also had a homemade flower corsage. Maggie and I with her teacher, Ms. S. 6. [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

This week’s quick takes are dedicated to stuff I love. I keep meaning to participate in Hallie’s Five Favs, but then Tuesday always sneaks up on me and I miss it. What’s up with that, Tuesday? 7. This. Oh my goodness, this. Hands down, the best angry cat. 6. This stuff. I recently discovered Zen [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

This week’s quick takes are going to be quick. Imagine that. 7. My dear friend and Maggie’s godmother Elizabeth visited this week! We had a lot of fun drinking mango margaritas and wine, taking our kids to the Children’s Museum, and watching awesome TV shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Parks and Rec. [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

It’s Friday again, and here we are. 7. Atticus and I are re-doing our room. I decided at the end of last cycle that I need a project, since “Project fill Sarah’s empty womb” is going so well,  something else is required to distract me from the dismal failure of above endeavor. We have a [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes: My Favorite Posts and A Giveaway!

This week, in honor of my 500th blog post, I’m going to highlight my 7 favorite posts from the last 4 years. Also, also, there’s still time to enter the giveaway for two awesome books and some yummy scrubs and lotions! The books being given are an autographed copy of Kate Wicker’s Weightless: Making Peace [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes Friday: Weird But True

I don’t know if you all had a chance to see Jen’s post the other day, with 5 things we didn’t know about her, and her asking “What was the most formative experience of your life?” to her readers. The comment thread is interesting and in some places, heartbreaking. It’s a beautiful post in its [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes Friday – A Pope, A Sale, and Books

Hello, hello friends. I haven’t gotten it together enough to do a QT in a while, so bully for me this week. What a week it’s been! We have a Pope, and I love him already. 7. Pope Francis! He’s a Jesuit from Argentina. Woah. Apparently he’s very humble, devout, and eschews pomp and circumstance [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

No books this week. I mean, I love books. I have them. Lots of them. Just none today. 7. Very exciting friends! Tomorrow I’m travelling to Peoria IL with the wonderful Leanne for a blogger meet-up, Mass, dinner, and a talk with the lovely Lisa Schmidt and Sr. Helena Burns. I get to hang out [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

7. First off, prayers for Jen. If you haven’t heard, Jen Fulwiler, creater of 7 Quick Takes, blogger extrordinare, very nice person, and mom of five (with one on the way), was recently hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism in both lungs (blood clots). She has a clotting disorder which she has to treat with very [Read More…]