When Generosity Looks Like Selfishness

I have had to stifle tears as a priest waxed eloquently about all of the “good, large families” he was seeing at Mass. [Read more…]

A Mother’s Day Invitation: Empowering Mothers in Costa Rica

To say I have a complicated relationship with Mother’s Day is an understatement. Earlier this week I found myself standing in the card aisle of the grocery store, staring at a wall of Mother’s Day cards that left me frozen and tempted to ditch my full cart of groceries, in a sprint for the door. [Read More…]

Who Betrayed and Who Stayed

  “Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen, Anthem   On Palm Sunday, we visited another parish. It was our children’s spring break from school, so we loaded a six year old and her [Read More…]

Bread Prayers Answered!

After an epic fail on Friday, which involved three cups of whole wheat flour and a resulting brick, I set my face like flint and decided to soldier on. I looked for a new recipe, and boy did I find one! Since I have a Kitchen Aid mixer I decided to use that with the [Read More…]

Breadmakers — I need your help!

Ladies, I am in desperate need of advice! I received a birthday gift from my MIL, and I would like to buy a bread maker with the gift. However, I have no clue which model to buy, how the bread will turn out, can you make whole grain bread in a bread machine? I know [Read More…]

PCOS and Me — Part II

I’ve felt really inspired by reading Rae’s series on her experience with endometriosis. She writes with a lot of honesty and bravery about something that is so painful (literally!). I was especially inspired by the lessons she learned and the things that helped her cope. So I’m going to do a second installation on my [Read More…]

The Story of Us

Three years ago today, Atticus and I met for the very first time.  But before we get to that story, I need to rewind about six months. I am living in Chicago as a first-year teacher in a volunteer teaching program. I teach 6th grade on the south side. Use your imagination. I was feeling [Read More…]

House Tales

In the midst of my severe case of “baby fever”, I’ve sort of missed most of the house-buying process, delegating most of the question asking and contract reading to my husband (who is a lawyer and reads those kinds of things for fun). I’ve mostly been content to sign on the dotted line, listen to [Read More…]

PCOS and Me

* The following is a narrative about what PCOS is, and my experience of having it. If you don’t care, or think it’s TMI,  you should skip this post. You’ve been warned!* I’m sure most women of childbearing age of heard of PCOS. There are sections on it in nearly all books relating to fertility, [Read More…]

7 Quick Takes Friday

** 1 ** Well, of course: Haiti. Most of you are well aware by now of the devastation that is plaguing this nation in the wake of a terrible earthquake. Me jabbering on about isn’t going to do a whole lot, so here are some links to websites where you can do something about it! [Read More…]