New Moon Shines on Potent Yule

Fearlessly responsible Capricorn.

This year’s Winter Solstice is not only the point at which we in the Northern Hemisphere begin to move towards longer days. It also is the New Moon. Clearly, this is a potent Yule. [Read more...]

Heroic Hands Reach Out to Give Hope and Help

Those hands are the ones that make faith and love visible. Those hands are the ones that will heal. Those hands, those gestures, are the only ones that have given me hope. Those are the hands of heroes. [Read more...]

Interstellar Inspiration for the Sagittarius New Moon

The Sagittarius New Moon is a time to reach for the stars.

I saw Interstellar last weekend. And I think it is the most Sagittarian thing I have seen in ages. Looking at the stars, discovering the Gods and exploring the sciences, that’s Sagittarian territory. It’s also the thing that will save us. [Read more...]

Initiatory ordeal or bad teacher?


It’s considered improper to speak ill of the dead. But all of us leave unfinished business. Many of us have harmed others. Some people are just hard to love. [Read more...]

Taurus Full Moon Seeds Beginnings in Life’s Endings

deer and moon

Gardeners know that the soil which nurtures seeds is made of the dead leaves of many years. This full moon is a good time to reflect on the seeds planted last spring. [Read more...]

Ancestral shadows haunt Samhain in St. Louis


I would ask, as my local spiritual community gathers this year, if my ancestors of blood and spirit have gained insight which might help us to heal the racial rifts that have so painfully split our region. [Read more...]

To Alleviate Poverty, Show Compassion


I have always been passionate about food, good food, well-cooked and shared. Having been poor has made me compassionate about it as well. [Read more...]