Chili and Corn Bread Fire Winter Weekends With Abundance and Love

Blue Corn Maiden, by Cher Lyn. Giclee copies can be ordered at

After Thanksgiving’s sleepy festival of tryptophan-rich turkey and carbs, I need some fire. So I’m making chili. Classicists might take issue with my chili because it includes beans and uses hamburger instead of diced beef. Also, I’ve stopped making my own chili powder and started trusting the good folks at McCormick’s. I even use canned [Read More...]

Sweet Blackberry Nostalgia Greets Summer’s Grand Trine in Water

Wild blackberries, sweet and ripe.

Illinois blackberries in a Missouri Whole Foods Market bring back sweet childhood memories and spur kitchen magic. [Read more...]

Cherry Pie: The Fruit of Love’s Labors


Cherries, cinnamon, patience and practice combine to make a love-centered pie. [Read more...]