Ancestral shadows haunt Samhain in St. Louis


I would ask, as my local spiritual community gathers this year, if my ancestors of blood and spirit have gained insight which might help us to heal the racial rifts that have so painfully split our region. [Read more...]

Grateful to be Free From Want and Out of the Underworld

Norman Rockwell's "Freedom From Want," first used as a Saturday Evening Post cover in 1946.

I never expected financial stability to take the form of becoming a self-employed housekeeper. My education was supposed to keep me out of the pink-collar ghetto. And yet—I am thrilled. And more than a little certain I hear Hermes and the Faeries laughing at the plot twists. [Read more...]

Midsummer’s Astrology Guest List Stars Lilith


Midsummer’s astrological chart asks us to look for hidden treasures within ourselves. [Read more...]

Welcome to Gateway Goddess!

square gate

As of June 2013, Gateway Goddess (formerly a featured column on the Agora group blog) will appear in this space. Don’t forget to update your RSS links and e-mail subscriptions! [Read more...]