Does Top Gear Stop Here?

(Jonathan Ryan posting on behalf of Jen Schlameuss-Perry) Mondays are…well, Mondays. Garfield hates them; most people in the workforce hate them. But, for me Mondays were a good thing. Sunday is the first day of my work week, so there’s that, and I have karate Monday night. I love that. Then, I had the great joy of looking forward to a nice cold beer and some beautiful escapism while playing the jewel game on my phone and watching the eight billion episodes of Top Gear that would rec … [Read more...]

You Didn’t Say It, You Didn’t Do It


(Jonathan Ryan posting on behalf of Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)The Princess Bride was on TV the other night. No matter what else is happening in my life, if I’m flipping channels and I come across The Princess Bride, that’s as far as I’m going. I have the movie on DVD—I could watch it any time I want—without commercials. But, if I see it on TV, I’m watching it. It was playing in the background while I was working, and while I wasn’t paying 100% attention to it, it didn’t stop me from saying the li … [Read more...]

Dragon Baptisms

Chronicles of Narnia wallpaper

(Jonathan Ryan posting on behalf of Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)For almost half my life it has been my job to work with individuals who are converting to Catholicism through the RCIA process. During Lent, as is the case with all Catholics, we focus very much on our sinfulness and our need for reconciliation with God and one another. The whole 40 days of Lent is dedicated to this and have we rituals to assist in it.Everybody is always super jealous of the Elect who will be Baptized at Easter … [Read more...]

Happy Little Accidents

(Jonathan Ryan posting for Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)These days, when I think of the things that were formative to me in my youth, I get a little sentimental. Maybe because I’m old, or because it’s Lent, or because I’m making major changes in my life, but I’m feeling very reflective. I owe a great deal of gratitude to my family, my faith, the people I’ve met and spent lots of time with, various good and crappy circumstances…and TV. TV was a big influence in my young (who am I kidding…and my adult … [Read more...]

Marvel’s Agent Carter: Self-Worth and Street-Cred

agent carter

(Jonathan Ryan posting for Rogue writer, Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)The first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter came to a close last night. I sincerely hope they make a second season—they certainly left the door open to it. Since the first episode aired, I eagerly awaited each new one. I loved the setting (post-WWII), the costumes, the storyline and the cars…so many pretty cars… And I also loved the themes they dealt with; reconciliation, knowing your worth, seeing the worth of others, ambition, hon … [Read more...]

Dracula: Doing The Wrong Thing For The Right Reason


 (Jonathan Ryan posting for new Rogue writer, Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)I finally got to see Dracula Untold the other night. I’ve been wanting to see it since I saw the first trailer months before it was in the theaters. I thought it was pretty good—it included the proper history of Vlad and included some very interesting moral questions.I’ve always been sympathetic to Dracula. Don’t get me wrong—vampires are the worst (besides European dragons—I don’t get all this Hollywood propagan … [Read more...]

If God worked in Social Media


I’ve always fancied myself a candid photographer. Oftentimes when I show up for work armed with my trusty camera and a huge cup of coffee, many groans and unsuccessful attempts to hide take place. I’m the ninja photographer of social media, quietly and unobtrusively taking photos of people when they least expect (or appreciate it). I’m just doing my job, and I love doing it. A few quick shots of what we do and why it matters is all I ever really need so that I can showcase those things for our … [Read more...]

Scarier Things Than Scarecrow


(Jonathan Ryan posting on behalf of new Rogue writer, Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)I enjoy Gotham without shame. I look forward to it every week. I like seeing the development of the supervillains and of little Bruce Wayne. Monday’s episode showed the beginnings of one of my favorite villains, Dr. Jonathan Crane; aka Scarecrow. Last night, I inadvertently became scarier than Scarecrow after watching the show and getting the idea for this blog. I tried to text myself this line from the show so that w … [Read more...]

I Believe…In An X-Files Reboot!!!


(Jonathan Ryan posting on behalf of new Rogue writer, Jen Schlameuss-Perry.)About a year ago our parish had a visiting priest saying Mass who had one of the most astonishing homilies I’ve ever heard. It was all about The X-Files. Yes—I said about a year ago. My first thought was, “Wow! I LOVE The X-Files! How cool is this!” My second thought was, “Wait…that was on like 20 years ago. Did this guy just pull out a 20 year old homily and lay it on us like it was nothing?!” I’m going to go wit … [Read more...]

My Three Favorite Cartoon Episodes of 2014

regular show

(Melody Evans posting on behalf of new Rogue writer Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry)I like watching cartoons better than almost any other variety of entertainment. In fact, I had kids just so that the amount of time I watch cartoons would seem less weird. Having grown up on the awesomeness that is all things Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, Disney and other great franchises, I have a rather a sophisticated palate when it comes to the consumption of cartoons. I need good story lines, good … [Read more...]