Happy 40th Birthday to Jonathan Ryan from All of Us at The Rogue!

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“King of the Nerds” Season 2 Flies Into Action

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From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, as told to by the... well, crap, there's absolutely nothing within my line of sight that one could call nerdy..."Sylvanas is the Banshee Queen of the Forsaken."  Betcha didn't know that, now, did you?Thursday night saw the much-anticipated return of the TBS reality competition series King of the Nerds.  I absolutely loved the first season, and have been waiting on 17-pin connectors and needles for last night's premiere.  The producers we … [Read more...]

GGR Reviews Helix — “274″


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, as told to by the stuffed dog sitting on the shelf beside him, which now looks completely more menacing than it did at 4 years old...Here be spoilers. "Where the hell is my monkey?" More questions are asked than answered in "274", the third episode of Syfy's latest original series, Helix.  Picking up from episode 2, we find others have been infected, and Julia is trying to cope with the fact that Peter has assaulted her and infected her with … [Read more...]

SyFy’s “Helix” Poised to Infect


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, who's thinking that monkey from Outbreak is looking pretty cuddly right now... "This thing doesn't kill, it annihilates." SyFy's newest original series, Helix, premiered over the weekend.  I wasn't going to watch it, because I couldn't stand the last SyFy series that was properly hyped, Defiance, past its pilot episode.  But then I learned that Ron Moore, the executive producer behind the gargantuanly stellar Battlestar Galactica, was behind the wh … [Read more...]

GGR Reviews Community — “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics”


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, as told to by the change jug on his shelf, which now gives me the cold shivers every time I look at it...Before I go into my review of Season5/Episode3 of Community, I have to warn you that some of the language found here is not what I normally use, but it's unavoidable, given the topic.  Let's jump in, shall we?"I am the Ass Crack Bandit.  Humans make better banks than piggies.  Whenever I get more change at the store, I can't wait to drop i … [Read more...]

Geek Goes Rogue Podcast….Coming Soon….

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Announcing….COTTONWOOD Indiegogo Campaign!


 Hey Rogueites,Through a variety of cool circumstances, I've been attached as associate producer to a cool ground breaking indie project, Cottonwood.This project is a racial drama set in 1930's dust bowl Texas and has some pretty major talent attached. Who? Try Academy Award Winner Louis Gosett Jr, Anthony Michael Hall, Alison Eastwood, Ethan Suplee, and Joe Perry (yes, THAT Joe Perry, you know, the kick ass guitar player from Aerosmith).We're starting an Indiegogo campaign … [Read more...]

Muppets Invade Culinary World… Sort Of


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, as told to by the bed that is beckoning him from miles away to just give up and take that 17-hour nap...I've become more familiar with BuzzFeed over the last 6 months than I care to.  For those not indoctrinated, they make, among other things, lists.  Most of the time, the lists aren't that special, and seem arbitrary, depending on who creates them.However, yesterday, they did something right by teaming with Disney to premiere an exclusive " … [Read more...]

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” — How I Got My Joy Back


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, as told to by the plastic nativity set in his closet...I am very upset right now.Just a few minutes ago, I found out that ABC aired A Charlie Brown Christmas already.  Last night, in fact.  Monday, December 2nd, they aired one of the most beloved and revered animated Christmas specials that has ever been produced.I'm upset because I missed it.  That animated special has wedged itself into a very specific place in my heart reserved only fo … [Read more...]

GGR Music Review: Five Iron Frenzy – “Engine of a Million Plots”


From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach W. Lorton, as told to by the bag of Apple Cinnamon Chex that doubles as his pathetic dessert...In 2003, Five Iron Frenzy put their clubs away for good.  After performing 2 farewell concerts on the days immediately following Thanksgiving that year, and recording the final show for a live CD (and subsequent documentary DVD that featured the performance as an extra), the band called it quits.  It was an emotional decision for everyone in the band, and the b … [Read more...]