Geek Goes Catholic, Part Two: In the Lair of Richard Dawkins

For four years, I spent time hanging out with atheists at The Ohio State University. I started a group called The Thomas Society (after St. Thomas the Doubter) where everyone was welcome. Our weekly meetings often consisted of atheists, agnostics, Christians, Jewish rabbis, and an odd assortment of students from campus. As I look back on it, I realize this sort of thing doesn’t happen much.During the meetings, I adopted a “no question off limits” and “no edit policy” with only one rule; you c … [Read more...]

WWBD?: Bill Nye, Ken Ham, and When Smart People Say Dumb Things.

 (Welcome to our first of many posts on the upcoming Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate. Not only are we going to have editorial posts, but Lord willing, we're going to be covering the debate live. Stay tuned for details. This debate sold out in two minutes. Those are Super Bowl like numbers. Never fear, however, you can live stream the event for five dollars over at the Answers in Genesis site.)A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to be a minister who hung out with atheists. … [Read more...]