Harry Potter: The Magic of God?

As I’ve discussed before, as much as I love reading, it takes me a little longer to get through huge volumes than it might for the average reader. As a result, delving into the seven-book Harry Potter collection (four of which are the size of Webster’s Dictionaries) seemed more than a little daunting. But after years of putting it off, I finally decided enough was enough. On a soggy Thursday back in March, while sitting in a jury duty waiting room, I finally entered J.K. Rowling’s magical world … [Read more...]

Chronicles of a Writer Who Couldn’t Read

“Your teacher says you’re having a lot of trouble with your reading comprehension.” I was eight or nine when my dad said that to me after one of those fun little parent-teacher conferences. You know, the kind where your strengths tend to get glossed over and every one of your flaws are picked at and laid bare like an egg frying on a rock under the blazing Sahara sun. At least, that’s how those conferences seemed to go whenever they pertained to me. I had no clue what my dad was talking about. H … [Read more...]