Cross-Country Romances Do Sometimes Work

“How can you not be romantic about baseball?” Truer words were never spoken by Oakland Athletics’ GM Billy Beane...or at least, by Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane in 2011’s Moneyball. Here we sit, two weeks away from the end of another glorious baseball regular season, and for the second straight year, my dear Phillies will enjoy the postseason from the same vantage point that I will...the living room couch. After years of bloated contracts, huge trades that decimated the farm system, and of cour … [Read more...]

Curses, Scapegoats, and the End of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 20 Years of Futility

A few nights ago, the Pittsburgh Pirates won their 81st game of the 2013 MLB regular season, ensuring that the team will not finish the year with more losses than wins for the first time since 1992. That was twenty-one years ago, for those of you non-math types. Before we had the freaking Internet (as we know it today, at least). Those born during the last Pirates winning season are now legally allowed to drink. And between these two winning seasons FOUR people have held the office of President … [Read more...]

All Braun and No Brains?

The baseball world is still digesting the stiffest (and most badass) performance-enhancing drug penalty handed out in the history of Major League Baseball. In case you missed it, Ryan Braun, of the Milwaukee Brewers has been suspended for the remainder of the 2013 season due to strong evidence that he received PEDs from Biogenesis of America, a now-defunct anti-aging clinic in South Florida. Of the sixty-seven major league players who have tested positive for PEDs since testing began in 2004, … [Read more...]