GGR visits Robert Kurtzman’s Institute of Art, Creature Corps and Mad FX Lab

This week, I was graciously granted an opportunity to visit Creature Corps in Crestline Ohio to speak with Robert Kurtzman, world renowned Director/Producer/Special Effects Creator about the Kurtzman Institute of Art and his amazing new haunt, the Mad FX Lab.  For SFX and horror movie geeks like me, this was an unbelievably exciting moment.  For those of you who may or may not admit to hiding under your bed from the monsters Mr. Kurtzman created over the last three decades, let’s review just a fe … [Read more...]

GGR Gets Wicked with Hallowicked Haunted Woods

“Whatever you fear, it’s here!”  That is NOT just a catchy slogan.  After personally participating in this event for three years, I can assure you that you will face everything you’ve ever been afraid of. It’s all waiting for you amidst the secluded trees and over 5,500 feet of winding path that encompasses Hallowicked Haunted Woods, located at 1148 Cairns Road, in scenic Mansfield, Ohio.Let me say it again, 5,500 feet.  For those geeks who have been paying attention, that is over 1,700 feet … [Read more...]