Grace Unplugged: Creating Art out of Personal Pain.

One of the questions I get as a writer is: where do I get my ideas? I find it a difficult question to answer, because some of my stories are grounded in deep personal pain that I have no wish to discuss with the wider world. Usually, I give some lame answer about “not really knowing.”A few weeks ago, I went to the press junket for Grace Unplugged. One of my fellow journalists asked, “Was Grace Unplugged inspired by a real story?” A very natural question, and one I assumed would be answered wi … [Read more...]

Can the Christian Movie Grace Unplugged Save Miley Cyrus?

Two weeks ago, I attended the Grace Unplugged press junket in Hollywood. The night before I left, Miley Cyrus decided to cause a bit of a stir (you may have heard about it) by backing her rear end into Robin Thicke at the MTV VMA's (couldn't it have been someone who DOESN'T look like a future Las Vegas lounge singer?). As might be expected, the whole world reacted, and my social media exploded. Evangelical Christians, in online media, started to jump on the bandwagon by slinging phrases like … [Read more...]

Artist or Whore? Where is the Line?

By now, we’ve all had a few days to digest Miley Cyrus’ so-called performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The general consensus among most carbon-based life forms is that it was disgusting, revolting, and/or degrading. Others, celebrities mostly, have expressed shock, while still others have said it was perhaps nothing more than uncomfortable to watch. I’ll admit, I did not watch the VMAs live. I haven’t for several years as its continued to degenerate into more of a farcical sideshow th … [Read more...]