#SundayWisdom: An Invitation to Live Tweet Lent

This year, the CANA Initiative would like to invite you to an experiment....An Invitation to Live Tweet LentDear Emergent/Mainline/Progressive Christians:It became the custom of the early Christians to prepare for Easter with the season of devotion that we call Lent. Customs are funny things -- they change as culture changes. This year, we would like to invite you to an experiment marking the season: A Generous Christianity Lenten Twitterfest named #sundaywisdom.Every Sunday, … [Read more...]

Phyllis Tickle on CANA’s Becoming

CANA’s official birthing occurred just before Thanksgiving, 2013 at the National Cathedral in Washington. Neither the time nor the place could have been more appropriate. There had been, admittedly, a lengthy and tender gestation for many months prior to November, just as there had been an anxious and prayer-filled laboring process for some several weeks leading up to the birthing launch itself. So it was that, by Thanksgiving, 2013, CANA was safely birthed and, from the very beginning, created g … [Read more...]

A Generous Orthodoxy: Voices from the CANA Initiative

“If you have a new world, you need a new church. You have a new world.” (Brian McLaren, The Church on the Other Side)Many years ago I sent an essay on the crisis in the church to the Editor of Christian Century. He returned it with the comment, “That Christianity faces overwhelming challenges today is not news. We’re interested in solutions.”This blog series is about the solutions. Too many, from top denominational leaders to people in the pews, still seem paralyzed by the problems. Fixat … [Read more...]