What Cranach Looked Like

Thanks for your comments and suggestions about this blog’s new look. What do the rest of you think about this Cranach self-portrait I found on the web? A little forboding? Or as tODD said, creating a sense that he is looking upon your comment with disapproval? Or as frank sonnek said, an example of “cool realism”?

To me, this self-portrait has a kind of postmodern self-referential feel: The image is of the artist looking into the mirror as he tries to paint his own face. I like how his head is tilted and how he is biting his lips in concentration, peering out with that intent artist look that tries to see everything.

tODD misses the dragon, that scribble of Cranach’s seal that the artist used to sign his works, which is the logo of the Cranach Institute. I have seen versions of that winged dragon bearing the ring that are less abstract and that require less explanation. I’ve been looking for the image on the web but to no avail so far. If anyone knows where I could find it, please let me know.

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  • organshoes

    Sinner sees self in mirror.
    How Lutheran is that?
    Else, what’s a mirror for?

  • Lori

    To me the Cranach portrait says “this is not just another fluffy site” :) It matches the depth of content here!

  • http://www.geneveith.com Veith

    Organshoes, great point! Also, self-portraits really got their start with the Reformation (Durer, Rembrandt),and, I think, for this very reason.

  • http://puttingoutthefire.blogspot.com Frank

    I like Lori’s answer, definitely not fluffy. I also like the fact that your new site allows me to comment! Every time I tried at the old one, I was told my blogspot account was marked as spam. Anonymity has never suited me all that well.
    Are you going to migrate the posts over to this site so we dont have to toggle between the two? Just curious.

  • http://www.geneveith.com Veith

    Yes, Frank. This will be the place for the new posts and discussions. I do plan on moving the posts on the old site into an archive here. I’m glad to hear that this new software isn’t so paranoid as the old. This has been a problem with other people who wanted to comment, and we were never able to figure out why.

  • http://chaz-lehmann.livejournal.com Pr. Lehmann

    Good picture, but I’d suggest a little cropping.

  • Bruce

    He looks like an old beer drinking buddy I used to know.
    That’s….that’s not inTENtional, is it??

  • Paul S

    He looks like Franky (bag of donuts) Winters the center for the Green Bay Packers during there glory years. The 90’s not the 60’s

  • http://thebookbeast.blogspot.com Darren

    I’m not a big fan of orange as a color, so it doesn’t do much for me.