We’re number 119!

I just learned that this blog was ranked #119 in the top 300 Christian Blogs for Ministry, as determined by a complicated algorithm by ChurchRelevance.com.  OK, “Cranach” is misspelled, but still, I am honored.

You should see the list, which probably contains other blogs that you’d like to check out: Top 300 Christian Blogs – Church Blogs | churchrelevance.com.

But now could someone please explain what those numbers mean?  And I’m not sure how together they can be calculated into a ranking, since I don’t see a pattern in the numbers and the sequence of the list.  The site tells what the different metrics are, but I can’t follow what is being said.

Help me live blog the Republican debate

Let’s live blog the Republican presidential primary debate tonight, beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET.  Tune in, with your laptop ready.  Come to this post and set the comments to “sort by oldest,” so that we can have a running commentary.  I’ll be commenting on the unfolding spectacle, and you comment too.  Your remarks can be humorous, observational, insightful, adversarial, judgmental, or whatever.  We can also hit “reply” to each other, setting up discussions about what we are witnessing.

If you don’t want to make comments, come here anyway, refreshing your computer as you watch, so that you can add to the enjoyment (?) of the debate the perhaps greater enjoyment of reading the commentary on the debate as it unfolds.

I will need your help, though.  I will be working under some technical difficulties.  Namely, I am at a place where I don’t have a television.  I think I can watch the debate online, but my internet connection is kind of iffy, so I might not be up to the challenge of switching back and forth from the debate to my blog.  So, though I hope to participate, I’ll be depending on you.

So, I’ll meet you here tonight.

Special Saturday edition

This is usually a weekday blog, but, given the significance of the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, my sense is that we need to talk about it.  While we still can.

The winner of the Cranach NCAA pool. . .

. . .is Pete, who predicted three of the final four.  His strategy after the jump.  [Read more...]

A report on Bob Dylan’s Sinatra album

The commenter known as “Pete” has a picture that looks like a little kid, but he’s really a distinguished physician.  He’s also among the top two Bob Dylan aficionados that I have ever known (the other being a good friend and former colleague).  Pete went so far as to look me up and take me with him to a Dylan concert in Washington, D. C.  So I value greatly his thoughts on Dylan’s latest album, his unique take on the American “standards” as performed by Frank Sinatra.  Pete gave me his thoughts about the album, which I post with his permission after the jump. [Read more...]

The Cranach Super Bowl party!

You are all invited to the Cranach Institute virtual Super Bowl party!  It will be located at this blog and it will last all weekend.  Please bring your own food and beverages.

The Green Bay Packers, my team, were 5 minutes away from getting to go to the Super Bowl when the Seattle Seahawks made a miraculous comeback.  My interest in the Super Bowl plummeted.  I would be for the New England Patriots.  But then that interest deflated.  I guess I’ll be a disinterested observer.  But almost everybody’s team doesn’t make it into the Super Bowl, but we celebrate anyway in what has become a grassroots American holiday.

This blog can be your one-stop site for Super Bowl XLIX.  (Don’t you love the classicism in the Roman numerals?)  And if anyone asks if you have been invited to a Super Bowl party, say, “Why, yes.  I have been.”  That’s fine if you go to an actual Super Bowl party.  You can discreetly check on the live-blogging on your phone.  But if you are not going to an actual Super Bowl party or if you don’t want to go to one and need an excuse not to, say, “I’m going to the Cranach party.”

To begin with, this post is the place for your predictions.  Not only who wins and what the score is, but what do you think will happen?  Will this game feature some big controversy like the playoff games did?  Blown calls, refused calls, deflated footballs?  Will Katy Perry try to shock the world in the halftime show?  Or what?  And what will it all mean?

UPDATE:  Well, that was fun!   Now the Seahawks know how the Packers felt, losing after thinking they had the game won, thanks to an amazing comeback.  Thanks to everyone who came here during the game, particularly to the live-bloggers.  The good thing about a virtual party is that we had to do very little cleanup!