#8 most popular Cranach blog post of the year

On April 3, 2014, we put up a post about Spanish scholars who are claiming to have identified the cup that Jesus used in the Last Supper.  This ostensibly scientific quest lacked the panache of quest undertaken by the Knights of the Round Table.  And by those older standards, the grail must not have been achieved after all, since the spiritual wasteland continues.  But the post on the subject was the eighth most popular of the year:

Finding the Holy Grail?.

#9 most popular Cranach blog post of the year

Number 9 is from March 4, 2014, on the occasion of Ash Wednesday:

Fasting for 40 days before Easter

I think the meditation works that other Lent; namely, Advent. [Read more…]

#10 most popular Cranach post of the year

From September 3, 2014, the tenth most popular post on this blog for the year 2014:

How scholars proved that the “wife of Jesus” text is a forgery 

Read the post after the jump. [Read more…]

Cranach Hour of Music airs Sunday

Lori Lewis sent me this update about when the Cranach Hour of Music will be featured at the online radio station Wittenberg Nightingale:

The Cranach Hour of Music is a Meditation on Mary’s Magnificat. Many and various Composers have used her words over the centuries to Glorify the Lord in song. Join us for this special hour of music that includes two short devotions on the theme by Pastor Warren Graff of Grace Lutheran Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The hour will air this Sunday (12/14) at 10am Eastern Time, 5pm Eastern Time, and 11pm Eastern Time via Katie Luther Project internet radio station Wittenberg Nightingale.

Radio Station link: http://www.live365.com/stations/wittenbergng


Follow Katie Luther on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatieLutherProject  [This is about the opera about Mrs. Luther.]

The Cranach hour of music

When we blogged about the Wittenberg Nightingale,  the all-Lutheran online radio channel, the number of listeners shot up into the stratosphere.  So founder Lori Lewis said that as a gesture of thanks, she would set aside a block of programming and bill it as “brought to you by” the Cranach Institute!  The hour will be devoted to the Magnificat.

It will start TONIGHT from 7:30-9:30 ET (in about 20 minutes!).  But it will be repeated three times a day for the next two weeks.  Go here.  More details after the jump. [Read more…]

Blog drama

In the earlier days of this blog, we were renowned for the high level of discourse and the friendliness of our commenting community.  We had lots of different opinions and different sorts of people participate–conservatives and liberals, Lutherans and Pentecostals, feminists and gays, Muslims and atheists–but with a few exceptions everybody got along.  (Remember Little Buddha–something like that–the atheist who provoked extensive, in depth discussions about God and His existence, who eventually signed off thanking everybody for the personal support he felt and for the friendships he formed on this blog!)

Well, as the number of readers has soared, that sense of community and the friendly climate isn’t the same.  People tell me that they don’t comment anymore, due to their fear of hostile retorts, or that they don’t read the comments anymore.  I have valued the openness of our discussions and I have resisted all of the recommendations to rein in some of the threads and some of the participants.  But I have now started banning people. [Read more…]