“Two Kingdoms” from another Lutheran at Patheos

Another Lutheran joins me here at Patheos, Rebecca Florence Miller.   She has made a splash already with her post Why Christians Should Stand Up for Atheists,  which makes the case that religious liberty is for everyone, including those who reject religion.   (Atheists are reportedly astounded that a conservative Christians is standing up for them, but that should happen more than it usually does on an issue like this.)  But I leave you, after the jump, with a post that explains very well the Lutheran doctrine of culture and social engagement:  The Two Kingdoms. [Read more…]

Baseball predictions result show

Here at the Cranach Institute, we not only make predictions, we check them.  Twice at this blog, at the beginning of the baseball season and at the beginning of the playoffs, we held a forum to predict what baseball teams would make it through the playoffs and which one would win the World Series.

We now know that the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants, the two wild-card teams, met in the World Series.  After the full seven games–all of them quite exciting, with Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner somehow winning three of them–San Francisco won, for the third time in five years.

So did anyone predict these outcomes?  The answer after the jump. [Read more…]

Vocation Day

Most people probably don’t know what they are celebrating on Labor Day–“something about Unions”–but we here at the Cranach blog have long sought to fill this holiday with meaning by turning it into a Christian feast commemorating the doctrine of vocation.

The term, which just means “calling,” is about far more than a person’s job, though it includes that.  We all have multiple callings:  in the family (as husbands & wives, fathers & mothers, sons & daughters), in the workplace (as employers & employees, in all the niches of the economic order), in the church (as pastors & laity), and in the state (as citizens & members of society in this time and place).  God, in His providential governing of the world, works through human callings, and the purpose of all vocations is to love and serve our neighbors.  Thus, our various vocations are the realms in which we live out our faith. [Read more…]

Todd exposes the war photo from space

The internet, newspapers, and television news have been showing this photograph of Israel and Gaza from outer space, purporting to show the explosions from the war in that region:

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You know tODD, a super-commenter on this blog who specializes in throwing cold water on over-hyped and misinterpreted claims (including those I make in some of my posts, which I actually appreciate!).  He did some sleuthing and found that the photograph is showing nothing more than ordinary city lights!  He sent his findings to Mollie Hemingway, “the scourge of lazy journalists,” who then exposed the mistake, though I’m not seeing any retractions. [Read more…]

The most popular Cranach posts

The most embarrassing Cranach post. . . .Asking your help in identifying the 5 best posts, whereupon no one could think of ANY!  (Well, towards the evening there were a few.)  So let’s approach this in another way.  Here are the top 20 posts on this blog based on the number of page views.  (That comes largely from posts getting linked to at different sites, as well as being the subject of searches.)

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So what can we learn from this? Some thoughts after the jump. [Read more…]

The best Cranach posts on Patheos

I’ll soon be going on my second year of this blog being hosted at Patheos, where we’ve built up our audience considerably and been bringing in some income to pay the bills.  Patheos  is celebrating its 5th year anniversary and, in conjunction with that, is asking its bloggers to send in links to their 5 best posts, which the company is going to make use of somehow.   I don’t know what the best posts on this blog have been over the last year.   That’s a question for you readers.  Could you give me some suggestions?  I’d be much obliged.