I’m back

Here I am, back from a fine time in France and Germany. I’ll tell you about some of the things I learned over the next week or so. But, hey, thanks for covering for me. Over 250 comments on theology! I haven’t had a chance to go through all of the discussions, but it looks like you had some lively ones. You don’t need me.

While I’m away. . .

I’ll be in Europe for the next couple of weeks, lecturing at John Warwick Montgomery’s apologetics institute in Strasburg, France, and then sightseeing in Germany. Some of you suggested that I get a guest blogger to cover for me while I’m away. What I’m asking is for YOU to be my guest blogger. I will set up some categories and ask you to fill them in with your comments–noting items of interest, putting up links, stating your opinion, and discussing what other people have posted. OK? Will you do that for me? Thanks.

Current events

If something of interest happens when I’m gone–and we know it will–please tell about it (ideally with a link to a news story) and talk about it here.

So who’s the spy?

FBI arrests 10 accused of working as Russian spies.  Instead of targeting the government, though, they targeted private institutions, such as think tanks, as a way to get an inside look at American policy.  I wonder if there is a mole in the Heritage Foundation or if the Russians have infiltrated the more liberal Brookings Institute.  (Would they be more interested in conservative or liberal think tanks?)

But what I’m thinking is that the Russians have assigned a spy to the Cranach Institute, which is a think tank devoted to Christianity and culture, with a special emphasis on the doctrine of vocation.  Like other think tanks, we have sponsored conferences and research.  That means that we must have a spy on this blog!

How else can we explain the range of perspectives here and the continually-surprising diversity of the people who comment here?  We’ve got atheists, gnostics, playwrights, artists, economists, musicians, gays, liberals, conservatives, and you name it reading this blog and taking part in productive discussions. I throw out a topic, no matter how obscure–theoretical physics, archaeology, high end mathematics–and a bunch of bona fide experts weigh in and start arguing with each other. How could that be unless we are being monitored? How could that be without some kind of post-communist plot?

So who do you think is the Russian spy?  tODD is on the liberal side and J leans pretty far left, but that would not get them far in Putin’s new Russia.  FWS is too open and transparent for the espionage business.  But what kind of name is Vehse?  Or Lars?

Since the FBI has busted your ring, you might as well confess and say what subversive information you gleaned from this blog.

Update from the road

Well, our trip to Oklahoma has taken a different turn. We came here to celebrate my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. The day we got to Oklahoma, though, we learned that my wife’s father’s wife–who had been in the hospital for a relatively minor operation–caught an infection and just died! (Shouldn’t the hospital be liable for something like that? The reason I addressed her like I did is that they married late in life, and she really didn’t serve as my wife’s mother or step-mother. In fact, my wife introduced them!) Anyway, we’re going back and forth across the state, going from celebration to grief and back again.

As I said, I’ll be posting when I can. Thanks for those of you “jonesing” for your Cranach fix. The guest blogger idea for later is an intriguing one. I’ll be gone for a longer stretch in July, so I’ll see what I can do. (Stewart has run off and gotten married and will probably still be honeymooning, so I won’t ask him to help set that up. But I have some ideas.)

Summertime, and the livin’ is busy

This is shaping up to be a busy summer for me, with lots of travelling, for business, for pleasure, and for business and pleasure. We set out today for Oklahoma and my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary celebration, to be followed by my last Concordia Publishing House board meeting. So I’ll be on the road for awhile. I still intend to keep blogging, as I can, but I might not be as regular a poster as I have usually been. I am touched and deeply moved when I miss posting a day and readers start worrying about my health and if I am alive or not. This summer if I miss a post, I probably am still alive, though if not, someone will probably make an announcement. But keep checking this blog. I am planning some fun and meaningful activities for you later this summer.