Liveblogging the debate, the World Series, and the Thunder game

OK, friends, here we go.  As I said, I would be multi-tasking, so I’ll depend on you for your commentary on the Republican debate.  I plan to watch that, but also the World Series, and also (good Oklahoma citizen that I am becoming) the Thunder game.  I might even comment on all three, if I have something to say.  Feel free to do the same, if you are similarly torn in your attention span.

I’m back!

We’re back from our two-week sojourn in Denmark and Norway.  We had a very good time, my presentations seem to have gone over well, and I learned a lot.   I’ll be posting about the religious scene in Scandinavia and some of our adventures in the days ahead.  Right now, I’m too jet-lagged to do much writing (Copenhagen time is 7 hours ahead of our central standard time).

But I do want to say this:  Thanks for keeping up with this blog while I was gone!  Usually when I’m on a long trip and I can’t post regularly, readership falls off, and it takes a number of weeks to build it up again.  But this time my page view numbers were actually up, above what they usually are!   I put up some old items from my files, scheduling them to pop up during the two weeks, and sent you to various sites to find your own news to comment on.  Despite what might have seemed like a dubious scheme to give you fresh content, you kept visiting and reading and commenting.  I should be gone all the time!


A non-American news source

“Oh, to see ourselves as other see us,” said Robert Burns in a Scottish accent.  (See To a Louse.)  It’s also good to see other things that we might not have seen before.  And to see what is happening outside of our own country from the perspective of someone outside of our own country.  So it nearly always does me good to read that source of distinguished journalism BBC News.

Find any good British stories you’d like to discuss?

News from a Christian angle

World is a magazine I used to be associated with, and it now has a big website:  WORLD.  At some point, you need to subscribe to get full access, but you can check it out for free.  Do so and bring up something from today’s issue to discuss.


Liberal News

One of the web’s biggest news sites is the unabashedly liberal Huffington Post.  Review today’s issue.  Can you deduce anything about contemporary liberalism from the kinds of stories you find here?  Did you find anything that you would like to take issue with?  Did you learn anything that you found enlightening?

One of my favorite online newspapers

That would have to be The Federalist.  One of the minds behind it is Lutheran journalist Mollie Hemingway.  But it’s all good.  I find it to be unfailingly fresh, iconoclastic, penetrating, original, funny, and thought-provoking.

Check out the latest issue.  What did you learn?  What articles would you recommend to the rest of this blog’s readership?  Comment on them.