The #1 most popular Cranach blog post of the year

The year’s most viewed post by far was not written this year, but rather in July 2011.  And it wasn’t written by me, but by my liberal Democratic Southern Baptist musical genius brother, Jimmy.  Here it is:

The Devil’s interval.

People who google this legendary evil-sounding musical lick–and I presume most of these are heavy metal head bangers (I’m sure my terminology is out of date)– are directed to this post, and I hope they find a warm welcome and become regular readers of this blog.

My brother, very kindly, is not lording it over me for outblogging me on my own blog.  Nor do I resent it.  In fact, I am trying to get him to write more guest posts for me.  He has some very interesting ideas about music education that I’d like him to share with the general public on this blog.

The #2 most popular Cranach post of the year

Why do Americans say “merry Christmas,” while the British and denizens of its Commonwealth say “happy Christmas”?  Those who Googled that question were directed to this post, which was written for Christmas of 2013:

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Christmas.

This post was number 3 for most of the year, but for the last few weeks, page views for this post surged by the thousands, and it made it to #2. [Read more...]

Plans for this last week of the year

As is our custom here at the Cranach blog, we will devote the days up to and including New Year’s Eve looking back on the year that is ending.  Then, starting New Year’s Day, we will look ahead to the year that is beginning.   The high points will be on December 31 when we will review YOUR predictions for 2014 that commenters made last year, when 2014 was all full of possibilities.  The best prediction–some of which, in years past, have verged on the legendary–will win all kinds of virtual accolades and bragging rights.  Then on January 1, we will provide a forum for you to make your predictions for what will happen in 2015, and we will see who is the best prognosticator around this time next year.  So be thinking and getting your prophecies in order!

#3 most popular Cranach blog post of the year

Number 3 was posted not this year at all but way back in March 16, 2012, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.   It gives “St. Patrick’s Breastplate,” the wonderful Christo-centric meditation written by the ancient missionary:

Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me.

#4 most popular Cranach post of the year

From January 24, 2014, the fourth most-viewed post on this blog for the year:

Ranking states by how corrupt they are.

#5 most popular Cranach post of the year

The fifth most viewed post came as a result of our unintentional venture into Roman Catholic End Times speculation.  From January 2, 2014:

Will Pope Francis be the last pope?.