Correction to the Battle of Princeton post

In regards to my recent post, Princeton University tells me that the Institute for Advanced Study, which seeks to build faculty housing on the site of the Battle of Princeton, is an independent entity and is not part of Princeton University.  My apologies.  I’ll change the post to make that clear.

We’re going back to the old commenting system!

This blog is going to stop using the World Table commenting system and is going back to Disqus.  That means as of today, barring glitches, you can comment without ratings or being rated.  The whole story after the jump.

UPDATE:  The change hasn’t quite clicked in yet, but keep checking.

UPDATE:  Disqus is live.  Right now, the comments made in World Table, both today and previously, aren’t showing up.  But that should be fixed.

UPDATE:  World Table comments, made today or over the last six months, will not be lost.  There is now a tab that you can click to get World Table comments.

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Dispatch from Denmark

I am now in Copenhagen, where I have an internet connection.  The conference I spoke at was held at an Inner Mission Bible college, where Christian young people go after they graduate from high school and before they go to University.  Here they study Christian doctrine, the Bible, and apologetics in a way designed to help them withstand the onslaught on their faith that they will soon encounter.  I think that’s a very good thing to do.

This week all of the students went on a mission trip to Ethiopia, where they will work with Mekane Yesus, one of the largest Lutheran churches in the world that has just left the liberal Lutheran World Fellowship and is working to rebuild its theological infrastructure (with the help of the LCMS).  So the 150 or so Inner Mission workers and I stayed in their dorms, which do not have internet.  (“While they are here,” I was told, “we want them to concentrate on God.”   Another good idea.)

So I wasn’t able to blog about a lot of topics that came up.  Nancy Reagan’s death.  More primaries.  More controversies.  More craziness.

I’m always being asked about the American elections and Donald Trump.  The Danes realize whether they like it or not–and whether we like it or not–that the United States really does play an important role in the world and that the President of the United States really is the leader of the free world.  They can’t imagine Trump–with his belligerence against other countries, his ignorance, and his hostile personality–playing that role.

In defense of my country, I explained that the American people are frustrated with politicians of both parties.  Republicans are rebelling against the establishment by voting for Trump; Democrats are rebelling against the establishment by voting for Bernie Sanders.  The Danes could understand that and can sort of  share that feeling.  But Trump would be a disaster, which I had to agree with.

They were very amused that Sanders wants to make the United States like Denmark.  They seemed to understand, if Sanders and his supporters don’t, that it’s not that simple.

I’ve been learning a lot about Christianity in Denmark, which many observers dismiss as purely secularist.  Not so.  These Christians are zealous, creative, and very Lutheran. [Read more…]

Back to Denmark

Last Fall, as some of you will remember, I spent a couple of weeks on a speaking tour of Scandinavia. (See the series of posts including this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one.)  I was invited back.  Tomorrow I catch a plane to Denmark, where I will be giving a series of lectures at a big Inner Mission conference.  So I’m excited about that.

What about the blog while I’m gone?  I’m not sure of my access to the internet all of the time, and the time difference will be crazy.  But I should be able to give dispatches from time to time.

In addition, I have written a number of posts ahead of time, and they’ll be scheduled to come up during the week that I’ll be gone.  In fact, I have a series of posts on this blog’s great theme of VOCATION (what else?) that I think will interest you.

So stay tuned and say a prayer for me from time to time.   So Farvel og Gud velsigne dig!

World Table update

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Make your predictions for 2016

Yesterday we looked at our predictions for 2015.  Today we give our predictions for 2016.  What do you think will happen in the year ahead?

To win our annual blog contest for best prediction, make your prediction as specific as possible.  For example, our recent winner, Joe, didn’t just say that we’d have an oversupply of oil or that the price of oil would come down.  He said that the price of oil would drop to $35 per barrel.  Also, the predictions that stand out the most are those that seemed at the time to be unlikely, and yet, they come to pass.  When Joe made his prediction exactly a year ago, oil was going for $60.

This can be a salutary exercise in any event, whether you win or even enter our contest.  This is an election year, which promises extra drama.  (Who will be the nominees?  Can the Republican party prevent Donald Trump from being its standard bearer?  Can any of these candidates beat Hillary Clinton?  If so, who?)  I’ll make a few predictions of my own after the jump. [Read more…]