Religion news

A good source for news and commentary on the world of religion is RealClearReligion.  Posts are put up twice a day, in both the morning and the afternoon.  Check out the site.  What stories did you click, and why?  Are there any stories you found interesting, edifying, or that you took issue with?  Tell us about them in the comments.

Political news

A major online source for political developments is POLITICO.  Check out today’s edition.  What do you find that is interesting, noteworthy, and/or worth discussing?

The latest outrage

DRUDGE REPORT has become a major internet news source.  It specializes in stories that provoke outrage.  From today’s Drudge Report, what are some latest outrages that are worth talking about?

In today’s news. . .

While I’m in Scandinavia, I’m putting up “evergreen” posts from my files.  But to keep this blog up to date, I’m depending on you.   Here is one of the major online news sites:  Google News.

What do you find here that is worthy of note and that you’d like to discuss?

My Scandinavia gigs

Today my wife and I will catch a plane to Copenhagen for a series of presentations I’ve been asked to make in Denmark and Norway.  The Scandinavian countries are considered among the most secular in the world, and yet there seems to be some interest in my book The Spirituality of the Cross, which has been translated into those languages.  On October 1, I’ll be giving some lectures at the seminary connected to the University of Aarhus.  On October 5, I’ll be speaking at a Bible college in Copenhagen.  On October 7-8, I’ll be in Oslo, Norway, giving four keynote addresses at a summit meeting of Scandinavian youth ministries.  (This is the group that is bringing me over and arranged the other gigs.)  We’ll fly back to the states on October 10.

This blog will go on for the two weeks that I’ll be out of the country.  I’ve stockpiled quite a few posts that I think you’ll find interesting to read and discuss, and I’ll schedule them to appear in the days ahead.  I’ve also figured out a way for us to cover and discuss news and current events, though I’ll depend on your active participation and comments for this to work.  I’ll be taking my computer and though I won’t be able to blog as I usually do, I’ll try to check in when I can.  Certainly when I get back from this tour I’ll tell you all about it.

Please, please, pray for us and that my presentations will be well-received.  Who knows what these little sparks might ignite?

Liveblogging the second GOP presidential debate

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET, CNN will broadcast the second debate between the Republican presidential contenders.  No less than 11 will be onstage at the Reagan Library (Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, John Kasich, Chris Christie, and Carly Fiorina).  The moderators, which will include conservative radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt, say they hope to create “interaction” between the candidates.

We’ll liveblog the event right here.  As we did last time, watch the debate with your laptop handy, tuned into this blog.  When you have something to say about what is transpiring, post it as a comment.  I’ll be doing the same thing.  Unlike the last debate, when I had to piece together what was being said over the internet, this time I will have access to a TELEVISION!

I’ll meet you here tonight.