Germany’s second thoughts on immigrants

No country has been more welcoming of Middle Eastern immigrants than Germany, which has looked to a influx of one million new residents a year as a solution to its demographic population implosion.  But now Germany, along with other European nations, is having second thoughts.

Even sympathizers of the refugees are having problems with what happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.  In the square between the train station and the magnificent cathedral (a place I’ve actually been to with my friends who live there, including at another crowded fire works night), around a thousand men of “Arab or Northern African appearance” sexually assaulted every non-hijab wearing woman in sight.  They crowded around women and groped and robbed them, with reports of at least two rapes.

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F.B.I. is treating San Bernadino shootings as terrorism

The married couple that killed 14 people and wounded 21 at a center for the disabled in San Bernadino, California, had jihadist connections.  The shooting might have elements of workplace violence, since the male assailant worked there and apparently was angered at a Christmas party, but the FBI is handling the case as a counterterrorism investigation. [Read more…]

The Mafia will protect New York from ISIS

ISIS is so bad that normal “bad guys” are against them.  The Mafia has announced that it will help protect New York City from ISIS. [Read more…]

Planned Parenthood shootings

A gunman attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, killing three people (including a police officer) and wounding nine.

Prediction:  This will be blamed on the Planned Parenthood videos and the subsequent attempts to defund the abortion providers.  Also that pro-abortionists will associate other pro-lifers with “terrorists” and attempt to make all criticisms of this “legal procedure” socially unacceptable. [Read more…]

Prosecute global warming skeptics?

A group of 20 scientists is urging the president to prosecute scientists and organizations  that question global warming. Now a Rasmussen survey has found that 27% of Democrats agree with that approach.  So do 11% of Republicans and 12% of Independents. [Read more…]

Homecoming parade killings

In Stillwater, Oklahoma, not far from where we live now, a woman drove her car into the crowd at a packed homecoming parade for Oklahoma State University.  Four people were killed and nearly 50 were injured.  At first, it was said that the 25-year-0ld woman was intoxicated, but now doubts have been raised about that explanation.  Her lawyer says she is mentally ill. [Read more…]